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Best practice and resources

In addition to running events where presenters may highlight the work that takes places in their institutions, UCISA also promotes best practice, two awards, toolkits and guides. UCISA also seeks to promote sharing between our members and encourages those asking questions of the wider membership to summaries the responses. The summaries are included here. Finally the annual stats exercise facilitates comparisons between institutions. We are keen to encourage benchsharing.

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A variety of prestigious UCISA awards exist to reward best practice and excellence within the sector. Each year at least two awards will be made and they will usually be sponsored by one of the UCISA groups.
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Publications and resources

One of the ways UCISA disseminates best practice is through the publication of toolkits guides and case studies. These are available as online documents or to download

[More about publications]

Requirement specifications

UCISA is building a library of requirement specifications for our members to use in whole or in part in the procurement of new business systems

[More about requirement specifications]

Surveys, polls and statistics

UCISA's project to gather statistical information about HE computing services started with a pilot for academic year 1996/7 and is now an annual exercise. In addition to its formal statistics exercise UCISA collects data via a variety of surveys, notably the biannual Top Concerns exercise, and makes this data available to members.
[More about surveys]

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