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18 November 2020

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18 November 2020

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About the Event

Storming and Performing… In the new Normal?

Since our last conference things have changed, the year 2020 has brought a lot of uncertainty to the sector, both in our institutions and in our relationships with suppliers and partners. Covid-19 has forced us to make hard decisions in short timeframes under severe financial pressure, which have had massive implications for our users. We have made big changes to our business environments and supporting infrastructure and seen a huge move to remote online working for staff. We now face the challenge of Academic Year 2020/2021 and the move to remote teaching delivery and a rapid adoption of blended learning approaches.

Although this last number of months has been exceptionally challenging and busy with work prioritisation, planning and rapid deployments, we need to take time to congratulate ourselves as individuals, institutions and as a sector. You have performed exceptionally well in the face of major challenges and have showed remarkable resilience, agility and speed in delivering the systems and environments that have allowed our institutions to continue to provide quality ‘business as usual’ services that are robust and secure. Well done.

Undoubtedly, we have made compromises to deliver performant systems quickly, but we have shown real innovation and leadership in doing so. We have proved we can work agilely, ‘Storming and Performing’ during Covid-19 we have delivered great benefits for our staff and students, but are DevOps practices becoming the norm in your institution? How are we ensuring data integration, portability and security continue to be part of our strategic approach? What constitutes the “New Normal” way of working in your area? How are remote working models, distributed services, remote and blended learning, cloud provision, agile development with just in time delivery being embedded in your institution? Is change being embraced, or just seen as inevitable? What has been the impact on your Risk and Governance policies?

This year the conference will be online, and we seek to explore the new environments and landscapes that Covid-19 has necessitated, recognising that many of these changes will be here to stay. We want to celebrate the success stories, look at the lessons learned and identify what you would not do again. There have been many challenges to overcome this year and we want you to share your experience and tell the community about your collaborations with suppliers. Our suppliers have been exploring new ways to engage with and support us in these changing times; licensing and business models will need to be adapted to reflect the new modes of delivery, an especially relevant issue in the light of decreasing institutional budgets. Many institutions face stark financial choices and are looking now more than ever to technology to help deliver innovative solutions and value for money. What impact will this new service delivery and working model have on the implementation of your Education, Research, and overall Digital Strategies? Has the rulebook just been torn up in your institution? Has your strategy just been achieved 3 years early? What challenges do you see ahead and what are you doing about them?

We hope you can join us at what promises to be an exciting and informative Virtual Conference from 18th-20th November 2020.


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Day One: Wednesday 18th November, 10:00 - 12:00


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Day Two: Thursday 19th November, 14:00 - 16:00


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Day Three: Friday 20th November, 10:00 - 12:00


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