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The sector has made big changes to their business environments and supporting infrastructure and has seen a huge move to remote online working for staff. They now face the challenge of Academic Year 2020/2021, the move to remote teaching delivery and a rapid adoption of blended learning approaches.

The sector has proved they can work agilely, ‘Storming and Performing’ during Covid-19, they have delivered great benefits for our staff and students, but are DevOps practices becoming the norm in institutions? How are they ensuring data integration, portability and security continue to be part of their strategic approach? What constitutes the “New Normal” way of working? How are remote working models, distributed services, remote and blended learning, cloud provision, agile development with just in time delivery being embedded in institutions?

This year the conference will be online, and we seek to explore the new environments and landscapes that Covid-19 has necessitated, recognising that many of these changes will be here to stay. We want to celebrate the success stories and look at the lessons learned. There have been many challenges to overcome this year and we want you to share your experience and tell the community about your collaborations with institutions. You have been exploring new ways to engage with and support universities and colleges in these changing times; licensing and business models will need to be adapted to reflect the new modes of delivery, an especially relevant issue in the light of decreasing institutional budgets. Many institutions face stark financial choices and are looking now more than ever to technology to help deliver innovative solutions and value for money. What impact will this new service delivery and working model have on the implementation of your Education, Research, and overall Digital Strategies?

Attendees at this event will comprise those responsible for the development and implementation of corporate and academic systems, programme and project management and business process improvement, their staff and CIOs and IT Directors.

We are pleased to announce the following sponsorship packages:

Primary sponsorship package

(including 30 min keynote presentation within main programme; supplier showcase within the event;
logo in event advertisement, event webpage, joining instructions and throughout the event)

£8,000 + VAT

Partner Showcase package 

(including 20 min presentation within main programme; supplier showcase within the event; use of
logo in event advertisement, event webpage, joining instructions and throughout the event)

£6,000 + VAT

Exhibitor Showcase 

virtual showcase as part of the event - this will be live for up to a month after the event

£2,000 + VAT 

Please note: Primary sponsorship will include a 30-minute keynote presentation slot (pre-recorded or live), as long as a suitable presentation can be agreed. The Business Showcase sessions will be a pre-recorded 20-minute session within the event. Both offer the opportunity for Q&A after the presentation.


If you wish to take advantage of any of the above presentation packages, please submit a 200 word proposal for the Conference Committee’s consideration together with details of your speaker.

Please email events@ucisa.ac.uk with your proposal by Monday 28th September 2020.

Please return the completed booking form to events@ucisa.ac.uk

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