WiT21: New Ways of Working – The Good, The Bad and The Downright Experimental

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12 October 2021

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12 October 2021

online 10:00 - 14:20

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WiT21: New Ways of Working – The Good, The Bad and The Downright Experimental

How the changes over the last 18 months have worked for women

Following on from the success of last year’s conference, we’re delighted to announce WiT21 where we will explore how the changes over the last 18 months have worked for women in the workplace. This virtual event will include a panel discussion from working parents in senior positions in the field of digital education, and university led sessions exploring the following areas:

  • Opportunities and challenges of a post-pandemic world
  • What hybrid working has meant for individuals
  • Managing the return from maternity leave and parenthood during the pandemic
  • How authentic Leadership can promote wellbeing and a work life balance
  • How increased choice for women can make a career in tech more appealing
  • Where the pandemic has left the recruitment, retention and promotion of women

Attendees will have an opportunity to reflect on and share their own experiences and achievements. Speakers will offer advice from personal experiences and provide a space to share and seek mutual support.

This event is open for booking to ucisa members of all genders.

Pre-events: Also book our Over a year of hybrid working: What the data tells us (about women) event, 7 October 10am to 11am.


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Christi Hopkinson

Head of Service Operations

University of the West of England

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Deborah Green



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Sarah Fielding

Manager, Digital Learning Team

University of Southampton

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Dr Ismini Vasileiou

Associate Professor in Information Systems

De Montfort University

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Louise Morgan

Head of Practice (Business Analysis)

University of York

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Louise is an authentic and inspiring people leader who creates and supports high performing project teams. Linking strategy to capabilities and enablers she helps individuals understand how their own personal impact can influence and enable successful strategic change and deliver transformative digital solutions.

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Charley Bayley

Senior Business Analyst

University of York

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Charley's squiggly career path has taken her from secondary education, to the NHS and then through various operational and project roles at the University of York. She uses all her strengths and superpowers in her current role of Senior Business Analyst to lead technology enabled business change. When not working she is probably crafting or spending time with dogs.

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Sarah Sherman


Bloomsbury Learning Exchange

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Sarah has been leading the BLE, a centre for digital education serving seven universities, since 2007. In this role, she has led on many initiatives including the creation of an award-winning MOOC to advance academic development and courses to support digital skills awareness in students and teachers. She also works with the wider HE sector facilitating the sharing of good practice in Digital Education.

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Stella Ekebuisi

Head of E-Learning

Queen Mary University of London

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Stella Ekebuisi is Head of E-Learning at Queen Mary University of London. She leads a team of 15 with responsibility for advising on digital education and delivering the institution’s learning technologies. Stella has been involved in multiple institutional projects including e-exams, learning analytics and digital accessibility.

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Julie Voce

Head of Digital Education

City University of London

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Julie Voce is Head of Digital Education at City, University of London. Julie oversees support for City’s educational technologies and projects related to learning spaces, learning analytics, learning design, digital accessibility and digital literacies. Julie is a member of UCISA’s Digital Education Group and led the 2022 TEL survey team.

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Farzana Latif

Head of Digital Education Systems

University of Sheffield

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Farzana Latif is Head of Digital Education Systems at the University of Sheffield her role involves contributing to the strategic direction and managing a central team that supports a wide range of enabling technologies, the remit of which includes exploring and identifying the potential of emerging technologies and their pedagogic value.

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John Ramsay

Product Engineer

Imperial College London

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John Ramsay is a Product Engineer at Imperial College London. John has fifteen years’ experience in HE supporting all aspects of digital education. In his current role, John works closely with teams across Imperial to ensure appropriate technologies are in place to support teaching and learning delivery.

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Julie Christie

Assistant Director of IT/COVID Education & Student Experience Programme Manager

University of Dundee

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Seconded from IT to lead a University wide programme in May 2020 to flip to blended learning and blended services for 20/21, this session will reflect on personal and professional lessons learned from running a COVID programme while coping with family life while working at home, loss, becoming a gran and recovering from COVID towards a very different outlook on a work life balance.

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Bethan Vincent

B2B Marketing Consultant

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Bethan is B2B Marketing Consultant with over 10+ years experience in technology and the digital sector. Formerly a senior manager in the tech sector and founder of several start-ups, Bethan has built her career sitting at the intersection between marketing, product & development. Outside of work, Bethan likes to work on her podcast - The Brave, which explores how we can build a better future.

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Laura Dawson

Governor, Charity Trustee and Founder

Leaderly Consulting

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A CIO for over 30 years in education, public and charitable sectors, Laura Dawson's focus is building high performing teams and helping organisations make the best use of their data and technology. Laura was CIO of LSE till 2023 and now is a Governor and Charity Trustee and Founder for Leaderly Consulting.

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Christi Hopkinson, Head of Service Operations, University of the West of England

UCISA – a reflection of its membership

Deborah Green, CEO, UCISA

Six impossible things before breakfast: the (non)sense of work-life through a pandemic

Sarah Fielding, Manager, Digital Learning Team, University of Southampton

The skills we need for post-pandemic tech careers

Bethan Vincent, Marketing Consultant

Challenging the HE sector, policies and procedures, on supporting Womens’ career progression

Ismini Vasileiou, Associate Professor of Information Systems, De Montfort University

Comfort break/networking session


Panel session - Managing a family whilst managing a team: a panel session to share experiences of juggling parental and work responsibilities

Chaired by Sarah Sherman, Director, Bloomsbury Learning Exchange
  • Stella Ekebuisi, Head of E-Learning, Queen Mary University of London
  • Julie Voce, Head of Digital Education, City University of London
  • Farzana Latif, Head of Digital Learning, University of Sheffield
  • John Ramsay, Digital Education Support Team Lead, Imperial College London

Break for lunch/networking session


Panel session on leadership

Chaired by Jim Nottingham, CIO, University of the Arts London
  • Deborah Green, CEO, ucisa
  • Laura Dawson, CIO, London School of Economics
  • Lynne Tucker, Interim CIO, University of Derby