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UCISA London Group

The group provides a forum for London FE and HE institutions to meet, to identify and share best practice and to identify opportunities for collaboration and potential shared services.

The group provides a forum for London FE and HE institutions to meet, to identify and share best practice and to identify opportunities for collaboration and potential shared services. The scope of the London group includes:

  • Investigating opportunities for collaboration across London institutions.
  • Exploring potential shared services for the ucisa London and wider ucisa communities.
  • Identifying suitable topics and speakers for the London Group events.

There are six ucisa London events per year.  They  generally take place in host institutions and are typically usually attended by a mixture of IT Directors, network managers and information security colleagues (in part due to the Group’s connection with the London Metropolitan Network).  This has developed over the last two years and the Group events are now being also attended by for example, corporate information systems, project/ business change and technology enhanced learning staff.  

The London Group welcomes ucisa member institutions from further education colleges, sixth form colleges, specialist institutions and higher education institutions.


In addition to the regular UCISA London meetings, UCISA London Group members can attend any of the UCISA events at the member rate. A full listing of events is at available to the in the events section of the website

The easiest way to get involved with the activities of the UCISA London Group is to join the correspondence mailing list; this is a friendly way to find out the challenges at other organisation and to keep in touch with your peers. Join the UCISA London mailing list (Please note Group discussion lists are used by Full and Affiliate member institutions or organisations to discuss subjects of common interest).

New UCISA London Group committee

Call for UCISA London Group committee members.   Please review the call and send expressions of interest by Wednesday 4 September 2019. 


Colleagues from further education and 6th form colleges (who may be less familiar with UCISA than those working in higher education institutions in London) may be interested in the following resources:

Running the network
UCISA has created a set of model regulations for the use of institutional IT facilities and systems, which can be reused and adapted. Recently some additional text has been added for Prevent and UCISA has published a Toolkit on secure network management 

Information security
An online information security training course for use across the institution. Many UCISA members have used it “off the shelf”, finding that they do not need to customise it further. This resource is available to all UCISA full members (including the UCISA London group).

UCISA has also created a Toolkit to help information security professionals to put in place an information security management system (ISMS) in their organisation. The Toolkit also addresses how to convey the importance of information security to your institution  

Explaining IT to the Senior Management Team

It is often useful to have a simple document to introduce topics such as cloud computing or to have a ready overview of which business systems are in use across the sector (including VLEs, student records and finance systems) and to be able to describe how other institutions manage out of hours support. The UCISA publications library also contains case studies on wifi provision and ITIL implementation. The Google search function on UCISA home page can be used to search event presentations and blog posts by topic.


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