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Executive Committee

UCISA's Executive Committee oversees the Association's activities and is responsible for occasional workshops, the website, mailing lists, and the annual Management Conference.

About the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee also organises responses to consultations, and maintains relations with other relevant organisations in the UK and abroad. The Committee collects and analyses statistical information relevant to provision of information systems and technology services.

The members of the Executive Committee are made up of the Officers of the Association, three elected members, two co-opted members and the Chairs of UCISA's eight Special Interest Groups

Meeting Reports

Reports on the activities of the Executive are given through updates issued to the UCISA Directors list.

Committee Meetings    

  • 19E2 – Wednesday 27 March, UCISA19
  • 19E3 – Thursday 25 and Friday 26 April, Oxford
  • 19E5 – Thursday 13 June, London
  • 19E6 – Thursday 12 September, North
  • 19E7 – Thursday 5 December, London


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