ucisa Bursary scheme

ucisa bursary scheme supports IT and IT-related staff in the education sector


ucisa fully appreciates the pressure that our HE/FE colleagues are under at present. In particular, we understand that all IT personnel are needed, perhaps more than ever, within their institutions in the coming weeks as they implement the digital solutions that are at the heart of every institution’s response plans.


In light of the current global health situation; the advice from government and the needs of our sector IT departments, the 2020 ucisa bursary scheme has been postponed.


Where will the ucisa bursary take you?  

The application portal to apply for a 2020 bursary will open very soon.  In the meantime, you can find out more about this year's scheme - including recommended conferences and application questions - here

Introduced in 2014 to celebrate ucisa's 21st year, the bursary scheme is now an annual initiative for the ucisa membership. Funding from the ucisa bursary scheme gives IT and IT-related staff the opportunity to attend conferences and keynote technology events they might otherwise be unable to attend.

We were delighted to receive 72 applications in 2019. Details of the 23 recipients and their chosen conferences is available

Candidates were asked to:

  • set out how they would represent ucisa at the conference they were requesting funding for,
  • outline how the conference would benefit them personally (and their department/institution) and
  • demonstrate how they would share what they have learned with the ucisa community and the higher and further education sectors, and how they would publicise good practice within the UK. 

Some recipients chose to write up blog posts on their experiences at the event and these are all available in the News and Views section of the website.

news and views

Recording from the first CPD webinar available

The recording and presentation from our Inaugural CPD session is available

18 September 2020 View Details
3 screen at the foreground showing background of skyscrapers and ball with thousands of peoples faces on
Second ucisa CPD session open for bookings

Journey to modernisation – building an integrated infrastructure service and remaining relevant in the Cloud Era

17 September 2020 View Details
New ucisa webinar recording

How smart data management enabled the Nightingale Hospital Birmingham to rapidly respond to COVID-19

11 September 2020 View Details

See our latest events

woman stood in corridor leaning against a glass wall showing a server room
Booking Open

13 October 2020

WiT20: Supportive, Disruptive, Resilient

Venue:   MS Teams
Group:    Women in Tech

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3 screen at the foreground showing background of skyscrapers and ball with thousands of peoples faces on
Booking Open

27 October 2020

ucisa CPD webinar 2: Journey to Modernisation

Venue:   MS Teams
Group:    ucisa

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 person stood beside a desk with a  laptop, glasses and notepads on
Booking Open

28 October 2020

DIG20: Infrastructure in a world of Digital Transformation

Group:    Digital Infrastructure Group

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audience in a lecture room many with raised hands
Booking Open

11 November 2020

ucisa London November 2020

Venue:   MS Teams
Group:    ucisa London Group

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ucisa logo on pink background
Booking Open

18 November 2020


Venue:   Online
Group:    Corporate Information Systems Group

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four large finger prints wth three blue closed  padlocks one open red padlock superimposed over blue code
Booking Open

10 December 2020

IG-SSG Security Workshop

Venue:   via MS Teams
Group:    Digital Infrastructure Group

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