Day 3 - plenary abstracts Tuesday 21 March



Wednesday 22 March


Institutional showcases

Embedding a Coaching Culture
Janine Barraclough, Assistant Director for Service Delivery and Support, University of Sheffield
in Hall 2B

This session takes you on a journey of how IT Services at the University of Sheffield embed a coaching culture to support strategic, cultural and technological change and how this helped shape our recruitment and retention strategy. We will share our approach, experience, challenges and success.

From the delivery of an 18 month programme with a focus on how we build and maintain high levels of trust across the department through to our commitment to a Coaching Programme for individuals and teams as an approach to self-awareness, personal and professional development.


Military Grade Clearing Ops
James Mostyn, Key Business Events Manager; and Chris Tilbury, Director of IT Operations, University of Leicester
in Room 4

Embracing the learning from Clearing 2020 – from managing long lead times on laptops to the implementation of new technology reacting to government restrictions – their greatest challenge was maintaining control and effective communications over IT operations during such a critical event. 2021 onwards saw them look beyond the IT sector for inspiration, which they found in the British Army. Implementing the structured approach to lines of command, up and downstream communication, and decision-making of the Army ops room proved to be the solution to their problems, and they use it with continued success.


Durham University’s AI Journey
John Hemingway, Former CIO, Durham University
in Room 12

This session will provide an overview of the strategic adoption of AI at Durham University. It will explore the different use cases that have been implemented and are planned, looking at why those use cases were chosen and how they have been implemented. It will also share some of the initial benefits that Durham have seen and how this is informing the future roadmap. The session will conclude with a summary of future areas that are being considered for development and how the journey will continue.