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Crispin Bloomfield
Subject: Support Services and Intelligent Campuses

Our activities in real and online spaces are monitored and tracked, leading to personalised user experiences from social media platforms and retailers. We are being identified and classified, experiencing location aware systems, targeted in AI driven campaigns, receiving notifications and often taking for granted bespoke online experiences. In our universities, convergence within a number of IT areas is driving a new wave of opportunity to offer our students and staff new services that could add value. Taking advantage of these opportunities will be beneficial but presents challenges too. Support services will be pivotal in this journey towards more intelligent campuses. Are we ready?            

Cris is now responsible for all IT Operations at Durham, directing the teams that support these areas and working with the university executive members to shape and deliver future direction.            

Henrik Brogger, and Kathy Whelan
Live Chat in 3 simple steps. Implementing IT Live Chat at Queen Mary University of London
IT Live Chat was implemented at Queen Mary University of London in time for enrolment September 2018. We achieved this in 9 months with a cross-functional, voluntary IT project team and without any project costs apart from the service licence. IT Live Chat has helped us reach out to students and reduce response times.
Henrik Brogger
Henrik has gathered his experience of IT from many sectors including Publishing, Tour Operating and Housing. Having worked in a variety of service delivery, service management and project roles, he is an experienced communicator at many levels. Henrik has spent the last 5 years at Queen Mary University of London building a successful Service Delivery team with a focus on business outcomes underlined by a culture of empowerment. He is the Secretary for RUGIT, a member of the UCISA SSG, a contributor to UCISA projects including the IT Communications toolkit and a volunteer Tutor Mentor for leading tuition charity The Access Project. He is a keen architecture buff (having just built a house to his own design) and loves a good cup of tea!
Peter Cochrane
People, truth, AI and auto-immunity
The thinking and solution space of internet security is generally narrow, specialised and stove piped with defenders always reactive and on the back foot. But not so the attackers; they pro-actively search out and exploit the latest technologies to advantage. Defenders can only compete successful by being holistic too!

In 2000 Peter left BT as CTO with a 1000 strong R&D team to form his own consultancy company and investment career involving eBookers and Shazam Entertainment et al.  He has also advised numerous governments and companies.  Currently he is Professor of Sentient Systems @ the University of Suffolk  


Chris Dixon

Innovation at Lancaster  - showcasing ASK L.U., a pioneering voice skill for students

In 120 days, Lancaster University built and launched a voice skill that delivers university services via Amazon Alexa devices and their mobile phone application. Find out why and how they did it and where the journey might take them next.


Chris Dixon is Head of IT Partnering and Innovation at Lancaster University with a portfolio that includes business partnering, mobile development and innovation. Chris is passionate about employing studnets and apprentices in a diverse workforce, as well as using the experimenting with new technology. 

Sami Kallio

Partner showcase - Happy Signals - Customer-driven IT Service Desk - Why and How?

With more organisations using service management to centralise IT, HR, facilities and finance, employee experience is becoming a key performance metric. Hear how employee experience has shaken off the mantle of ‘soft’ measure to become a valuable strategic KPI that uses the Happiness Score™ to judge how effectively all your services are performing.


Sami Kallio is the CEO and co-founder of HappySignals. The main goal of his work is to help organisations focus on their end-user experience. Before starting HappySignals, Sami worked as CEO at service design company Palmu.exe and before that he was responsible for the service design unit at Tieto.


Chris McLay

Mental Health First Aid – How, why and what next?

The demand and need for Mental Health First Aid training is growing rapidly but how has the world changed so much in recent years that this has become so much of a priority? What impact does IT have on our mental health and is training on Mental Health First Aid really changing anything in the workplace?  Let’s take a pause to think about it…

Chris left formal education in 1988 with his most useful qualifications being an ‘O’ level in Drama and one in Home Economics. A work life spent in the care sector working with disabled adults, 10 years in the retail sector and then 20 years in higher education has taught him a hell of a lot about people.

Chris is a People Development Facilitator at Leeds Beckett University and a qualified Mental Health First Aid Instructor.                      

Chris McLay
Lisa Talia Moretti
Searching for Tech's Humanity

The gadgets have glamoured us with their superpowers and as a result, it’s difficult to see technology for what it truly is; a system. Once we redefine technology from product to system, we can start to see how ethical challenges, like systematic bias, extend far beyond the data sets and code in which they’re found by following the connections to other social and cultural systems like gender and power. In this talk, Digital Sociologist Lisa Talia Moretti explores the world of technology from the perspective of a social scientist allowing the audience to shift perspectives by gazing through a new lens.

Lisa Talia Moretti is an award-winning digital sociologist, strategist and tech ethics activist based in London. She currently holds the position of Head Of User Research at Methods. For more than a decade, she's studied and written about the relationship between technology, information and society. During this time, Lisa has also presented keynotes and run workshops to audiences from a wide range of business backgrounds on the impact, opportunities and challenges of emerging technologies. Lisa is an Associate Lecturer in the Institute of Management Studies at Goldsmiths (University of London) and at Cardiff University in the School of Journalism, PR and Cultural Studies. She is also a visiting teacher at Plymouth University and at Sup de Pub in Paris. Her teaching area of expertise is Digital Research Methods, Design Thinking, Campaign Analytics and Social Media and Brand Strategy. Lisa's research projects with Goldsmiths and King’s College have seen her collaborate with To Play For, IpSoft, Adobe, Mindshare and Rackspace. Her research covers a range of technologies including AI, chatbots, VR and AR, and wearable technology and has gained international coverage with CNN, BBC, Fast Company, Campaign, Techcrunch, Forbes and others.

Ravi Sehmi
Modern IT

Today’s business environment means there is no waiting around. Competitive challenges require constant innovation, and internal pressures mean working with greater speed, flexibility and efficiency – which can often challenge.
For IT leaders that means responding with not just greater efficiencies but to provide new disruptive digital technologies like Autopilot that move organizations forward. In other words, IT must become Modern.

Having worked in the IT industry for 20 years and specializing in large scale deployment technologies Ravi has worked across all sectors from SMB, Public Sector to large Global organizations to help advise them on deployments methods to drive efficiency and reduce the overall TCO of device deployments and lifecycle management.


Andrew Walley and Andy Hale
Building the foundations for innovation

Transforming IT services for end-users and staff must always start in the data centre. After years of being seen as a barrier to IT services, discover how Durham University adopted a cloud-like, flexible on-premises consumption model where data is tiered, based on performance and reliability requirements, and consumed by colleges on a cost per GB basis. Understand how Durham partnered with Proact to build a flexible OPEX model that allowed them to cross charge services back to faculty members to fund future expansion and innovation of storage services.

Andrew Walley                        

Head of Infrastructure, Computing and Information Services at Durham University. 

Andy Hale

Andy Hale

Technical Services Director at Proact, responsible for the operations of the Presales, Professional Services and Project management teams across the UK.  


Jeremy White

At Wired, the influential technology and trends magazine that covers innovation and the businesses that are building the future, Jeremy analyses and identifies emerging trends and technological shifts that will impact consumers and businesses alike. Jeremy identifies emerging trends from the Internet of Things to AI, smart homes to smart cities, flying cars to passenger drones.

jeremy White

David Wright
The 9 best practices of a high performing service desk - the update!

SDI regularly audits some of the best service desks in the world against the 'Global Best Practice Standard for Service Desk'. David Wright takes us on a whistlestop tour of the latest version of the Standard - version 8 - launched earlier this year, highlighting the key areas of change in the 9 concepts which include metrics, customer experience and leadership among others. Dave will also uncover stats from some of the highest performing service desks in each of the concepts. He'll delve into what makes them so successful and identify the common factors of high performing service desks.

Responsible for creating, curating, uncovering and discovering business value chains for SDI and its customers, David is an award-winning leader, auditor and consultant with over 20 years of BPO and ITO service experience ranging from line to service management to business strategy. He is committed to creating world-class, customer-centric services through the creation of inspired, diverse and engaged teams. David has a wealth of outsourcing and managed service experience with demonstrable success of service delivery across a diverse range of business sectors and customers. As part of the very first team to achieve SDI’s 5 star service desk certification, David’s mantra of creating excellence at every opportunity is encapsulated in two simple words: inspire and deliver.

David Wright
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