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   Support Services Group (SSG) 

4 July 2018   -   6 July 2018
Crewe Hall


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Who dunnit does IT?


The faces behind a great IT service often remain anonymous.  Our users can be blissfully unaware of the people, skills and experience that go in to delivering the services they rely on.  The how of our work is far better discussed than the who and while we don't expect our users to worry about them, subjects like recruitment, career planning, professional development and staff retention are vital issues for us as a community.


·         Who made sure 300 students could be taught without disruption?  Was it the canny AV Technician with the replacement cable in the lecture theatre?

·         Who soothed the angry researcher?  Was it the empathetic 1st Line Analyst with the calming telephone manner in the Service Desk?

·         Who kept the fleet of MFDs ticking over and churning out print jobs?  Was it the conscientious Manager with the well-tended service contract in the back office?

We invite you to join us amongst the Jacobean splendour of Crewe Hall for the 2018 UCISA Support Services Conference where we will be asking not Who dunnit? but Who does IT?

How do we find new talent?  How do we keep and develop them?  What does an attractive career path look like to someone new to the sector?  Why do so many who work in IT support want to be systems administrators when they grow up?


We are putting together a programme packed with answers to those questions based on real-world experience.  You will hear inspiring stories from sector role models, hard won advice from IT leaders in both HE and industry, and the latest thinking from experts in the realms of technology, service management, training and HR.

We've increased the opportunities to network with your peers, will be introducing greater levels of delegate led participation across the whole event and can promise some murderously entertaining evening activities!


20*20 presentations and video showcases are back, giving everyone the opportunity to demonstrate the innovation and good practice being delivered across the sector.  We are committed to getting the widest range of speakers in our 20*20 slots and we would love to hear from you if you have a story to share to inspire your peers.


The conference will be of value to staff of all grades and experience involved in the delivery of IT support services.  From managers struggling to recruit, develop and retain great staff through to those early in their careers and thinking about their futures, there will be something to take away for everyone.


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We look forward to seeing you all there!


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