Sponsorship opportunities

Following on from the success of last year’s virtual conference, we’re delighted to announce WiT21 where we will explore virtually how the changes over the last 18 months have worked for women in the workplace.

  • Have you had any fabulous initiatives? Has anything gone horribly wrong?
  • What will hybrid working mean for you? What does it mean for your family?
  • How have you found office politics: trust, presenteeism, productivity within teams?
  • How have you and your teams coped with mental health worries and team camaraderie?
  • Where has the pandemic left the recruitment, retention and promotion of women?

We are putting together a programme that will not only answer these and other questions but will challenge the status quo.

The event is aimed at staff of all grades and experience, all genders. From those wanting support or help with navigating their career to those who are able to provide that support or facilitate and affect change.

Like our other ucisa conferences, we hope to complement the programme with Partner Showcases - opportunities for corporate members to share their experience and success in working together to deliver new value to their organisations.

If this is of interest, please see the options below:


Primary sponsorship package £3,000 + VAT
(inc 30 minute keynote presentation or interactive session, logo in event and webpage)

Business Showcase package £1,750 + VAT
(inc 20 min presentation, logo in event and webpage)

NB We will require you to submit a ~100 word proposal for both the Primary keynote and Business Showcases packages (including details of your presenters) for consideration by the Conference Committee.

If you are interested in proposing a presentation, please get in touch (events@ucisa.ac.uk).