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19 March 2020

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06 March 2020


Manchester Central

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Agenda General Meeting 2020

The fifth Annual General Meeting (the 'Meeting') of the Company, and the 27th Annual General Meeting of the association, will be held at 12:00 noon on Thursday 19 March 2020 in the Charter Suite at Manchester Central, Windmill Street, Manchester, M2 3GX


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This is page provides all the information and documents regarding our forth coming 2020 AGM

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black and white head shot of a man smiling

Drew Cook

Director of ICT

University of Lincoln

head shot of Dean Phillips smiling

Dean Phillips

Assistant Director, Digital and Information Services

University of Aberdeen

Event Schedule


2020 AGM

1. Welcome and apologies


To consider and, if thought fit, approve the following resolutions, to be proposed as ordinary resolutions of the Company

2. To approve the minutes of the 2019 Annual General Meeting of the Company held on 28 March 2019

3. To receive and adopt the annual report of the Trustees and the accounts of the Company for the financial year ended 31 December 2019

4. To re-appoint Wenn Townsend the auditors of the Company to hold office from the conclusion of this meeting until the conclusion of the next general meeting of the Company at which audited accounts are laid, and to authorise the directors to fix their remuneration.

5. To note the resignations of Mr. Mike Cope and Mrs. Elizabeth Bailey as Trustees and Directors of the Company, both having ceased employment with member institutions.

6. To consider and, if thought fit, appoint the following honorary officers (each of whom has consented to act) to stand as honorary officers of the Company from the close of this meeting for a term of two years in accordance with its Articles of Association, or as otherwise specified in any future amendments made to the Articles which are approved by the members of the Company:

  • Dean Phillips as Honorary Treasurer of the Company.
    Proposed by David Telford, University of Stirling.
    Seconded by Adrian Ellison, University of West London
  • Paul Butler as Honorary Secretary of the Company.
    Proposed by Gareth McAleese, Ulster University.
    Seconded by James Blair, University of Stirling

7. To elect two Elected Members to serve in place of Mr. Mike Cope and Mrs. Elizabeth Bailey. Nominations for the two positions are as follows:

Nominee Member institution Proposer Seconder 
Garod Barker  Richmond upon Thames College  Franco Noto,
 College of North West London
 Darren Tysoe,
 Regent’s University London
Sarah Cockrill
Coventry University  David Telford,
 University of Stirling
 Nathalie Czechowski,
 University of South Wales
Arthur Clune University of York  Nick Leake,
 Kings College London
  Mathew Flower,
 University of Wolverhampton
Paul Harness Lancaster University  Claire Priestley,
 City University of London
 Heidi Fraser-Krauss,
 University of York
Darren Tysoe Regent’s University  Paula Vickers
 Middlesex University London
 Helen Hammond,
 WMC - The Camden College

8. In accordance with the Articles of Association of the Company:

To accept the nominations of the Special Interest Group Committees and appoint the Chairs of the Special Interest Groups of the Charity as follows:

Chair Proposer Seconder
Corporate Information 
Systems Group (CISG)
Gareth McAleese,
Ulster University
James Smith, 
Birkbeck, University of London
James Blair, 
University of Stirling
Digital Capabilities Group (DCG)
Kerry Pinny,
University of Warwick
Julie Adams,
Staffordshire University
Elaine Swift,
University of Worcester
Digital Education Group (DEG) Richard Goodman,
Loughborough University
Farzana Latif,
University of Sheffield
Julie Voce, City,
University of London
Enterprise Architecture (EA) Lex Wilkinson,
Sheffield Hallam University
Stephane Pajon,
Coventry University
Karl Walker,
University of Exeter
HEIDS Brian Henderson,
University of Aberdeen
Jonathan Monk,
University of Dundee
David Telford,
University of Stirling
Infrastructure Group (IG) Mathew Flower,
University of Wolverhampton
Joanna Radley,
University of Huddersfield
Guilherme De Sousa,
Heriot-Watt University 
Leadership Conference Committee (LCC)
Sally Bogg,
Leeds Beckett University
David Telford,
University of Stirling 
Drew Cook,
University of Lincoln
ucisa London Group Trevor Baxter,
King’s College London
Darren Tysoe,
Regents University
Nick Leake,
Kings College, London.
Project and Change
Management Group (PCMG)
Sally Jorjani,
Edinburgh Napier University
David Telford,
University of Stirling 
Drew Cook,
University of Lincoln
Software and Software
Procurement Group (SSPG)
Tina Pask,
University of London 
Mark Allinson,
Edge Hill University
Robert Silk,
University College London
Support Services Group (SSG) Joint chair - Lisa McDonald,
University of Edinburgh 
Sally Bogg,
Leeds Beckett University 
Alistair Reid-Pearson,
University of Huddersfield
Joint Chair - Alistair Reid-Pearson,
University of Huddersfield
Henrik Brogger,
Queen Mary University of London
Lisa McDonald,
University of Edinburgh
Women in Tech (WiT)
Lynne Newbitt,
Loughborough University 
Vicky Wilkie,
University of York
Carla Thornley,
University of Oxford
Networking Group*  David Hayling,
University of Kent
Matthew Flower,
University of Wolverhampton
Mark Franklin,
University of Sheffield

 * members are asked to note the Networking Group are working with the Infrastructure Group to merge the two groups. David Hayling will remain chair of the Networking Group to completion of the merger. 

9. To receive the Treasurer’s Report for the financial year ended 31 December 2019 and summary Budget for the current year ending 31 December 2020.

10. To approve the increase in subscription fees by 12.5% for 2021

This reflects the discussion at the ucisa AGM in 2019 where an initial rise of 12.5% in 2020 was approved as part of a phased approach with an anticipated further 12.5% increase necessary in 2021, in recognition of the fact that subscription fees had been held constant since 2009. It was noted at the 2019 AGM that in real terms, based on annual inflation figures from the ONS, over the last 10 years the value of subscription income for ucisa had fallen by some 45%, and that this was unsustainable.

11. Any other business