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The history of UCISA 

On the 1st April 1993, the Universities and Colleges Information Systems Association, UCISA came into being. Its formation was a direct response to the 1992 Education Act which created a single higher education sector by the removal of the binary line between universities and polytechnics/colleges of HE, and allowed the polytechnics and some of the colleges to become universities. The creation of UCISA was enabled by the merger of three bodies - IUCC, the Inter-University Computing Committee, PCCC, the Polytechnics and Colleges Computer Committee and MISC, the Management Information Systems Committee.

The three bodies established a Transition Group of three members from each of them, which in three months created the structure necessary to allow UCISA to come into being.

It established a body that represents the entire higher education, and increasingly further education, sectors on all matters concerning information systems, from the largest university to the smallest college.

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