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Sarah Cockrill - nominated for the position of Treasurer

Director of Digital Strategy & Information Technology
Canterbury Christ Church University


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Having worked in the sector for the last twenty years many of you know me through my role as CIO at Canterbury Christ Church or as current Treasurer for UCISA. I first started supporting UCISA back in 2014 when I became part of the Project and Change Management Group, progressing to Co-Chair in 2014 before stepping up to join the board of Trustees in 2020. Since 2022 I have taken on the role of Treasurer, and I am keen to continue to support and provide consistency in my role for another term. UCISA continues to provide an excellent platform for us as a sector to come together and share knowledge, expertise and support and a collective voice for our suppliers. I am passionate about supporting the sector and believe UCISA is an integral part of the support.

Please describe how your experience will support UCISA delivering the strategic plan

I have been involved with UCISA since 2014 working as part of a special interest group, the Leadership Council and now board level means I understand where we have come from, where we are and where we aspire to. I also understand the workings of UCISA as a charity. As Treasurer over the last two years, I have supported both UCISA and USL and would like to continue to support for another term of office.

Please describe your motivation for applying to be a UCISA Trustee or USL Director: 

I would like to apply to continue in my role as Treasurer having performed this role over the last two years.


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Mat Flower - nominated for the role of Secretary

Interim Deputy Director & Head of Digital Architecture/InfoSec
University of Wolverhampton

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With an IT career spanning more than twenty-six years, Mat is currently Interim Deputy Director of Digital Services & Head of Digital Architecture/Information Security at the University of Wolverhampton. He and his team have strategic and technical design responsibility for the University’s core infrastructure and services, ensuring that they both support and enable the delivery of the overarching Digital Strategy and broader University strategies. Mat also has strategic and operational responsibility for the department’s information security function. In addition, Mat also chairs the Digital Services Change Advisory Board, and represents the department on several University committees.

Mat has been an active member of the UCISA community since joining the Infrastructure Group (IG) in 2013. Since then, he has planned and delivered multiple events and conferences, held the role of IG Chair and overseeing the merger of IG with the Networking Group to form the Digital Infrastructure Group. Since 2021, Mat has been a member of the UCISA Board of Trustees, which includes providing oversight of the UCISA Business Systems Review project. Mat is also a member of USL Board of Directors, a position that he has held since 2022.

Please describe how your experience will support UCISA delivering the strategic plan

With an IT career spanning more than twenty-five years, the majority of which have been in the Higher Education sector, I believe that I am ideally placed to continue to help UCISA deliver its 2022-2027 strategic plan ‘Building on Success’. As (interim) Deputy Director of Digital Services at the University of Wolverhampton, I have strategic and technical responsibility for architecting of the University’s digital infrastructure, ensuring that this is aligns and supports the delivery of both departmental and organisational strategy. In addition, I also have strategic and operational responsibilities for the university’s Information Security function.

I am also very proud to have been able to encourage and support my own UoW colleagues in becoming active members of the UCISA community, as members of various special interest groups, presenting at conferences and webinars, or by attending events.

I have been an active member of UCISA since 2013 when I first became a member of the Infrastructure Group. Since then, I have gone on to:

  • Plan and deliver multiple events and multi-day conferences.
  • Served as Chair of IG, during which time I oversaw the merger with the Networking Group to form the new Digital Infrastructure Group.
  • Served as an active member of the UCISA Leadership Council.

As a member of the UCISA Board of Trustees I hold the elected officer role of Secretary. I also lead the UCISA Infrastructure sub-committee with a key responsibility being that of providing oversight and strategic guidance to the current Business Systems Review project. Since 2022 I have also been a member of the UCISA Services Limited (USL) Board of Directors.

With my role as a senior IT leader at the University of Wolverhampton, coupled with my extensive work with UCISA, I believe that I am able to offer the ideal experience and knowledge to continue to support UCISA in the delivery of its strategic objectives.  

Please describe your motivation for applying to be a UCISA Trustee or USL Director:

From my first involvement with UCISA joining as a member of the Infrastructure Group in 2013, as Digital Infrastructure Group Chair and now as Secretary to the Board of Trustees I continue to be extremely proud of the value and benefits that UCISA continues to deliver to its membership at both an organisational and individual level. Being part of the UCISA community continues to be both thoroughly rewarding and also fundamental to my own professional development. This in turn has equipped me with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to take on new roles and challenges within UCISA.

My motivation for my nomination to be re-elected to the role of Secretary is twofold:

Firstly, I would very much welcome the opportunity to continue to use my skills and knowledge to continue to support UCISA in the delivery of its ‘Building on Success’ strategic plan 2022-2027.

Secondly, I truly believe in the value that UCISA offers to its membership, and I very much want to continue to support UCISA in both the delivery and the growth of that value. Not only is that value realised at an organisational and departmental level, based upon my own wholly positive experiences, it is also very much realised at an individual level.


Nominees for the two elected positions on the UCISA Board of Trustees


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Karen Bates

Deputy Chief Digital and Information Officer
London Business School

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I have worked in the Higher Education Sector for the last 8 years, after almost 20 years in Local Government. I have led Digital and Organisational Transformation Programmes for the last 14 years, and have a strong background in Programme Leadership, Change and Contract Management. In 2020 I completed an MBA specialising in Strategic Leadership and will shortly be undertaking an Executive Education Programme at London Business School, focused on Women in Leadership. Continued personal and professional development is something I strive to maintain.

I pride myself in working in a collaborative and coaching way to support my teams and organisation to success, leading by example and exhibiting strong and positive leadership behaviours. I have been able to bring the experiences of leading efficiency programmes in local government to the HE sector, exploring new ways to deliver high-quality services in the most cost effective way. I enjoy bringing together the high-level strategic aims, and translating into actionable, achievable programmes of work. The pandemic enabled us all to work in a more agile, responsive and risk-based way, and I am keen to ensure that the sector continues this way of working, collaborating and innovating together.

I believe through building strong, trusted relationships, both within our sector and beyond we can enable growth and UCISA can grow its positive influence as the voice of the sector. I will always seek to do the right thing, not necessarily the easiest thing, and embark on new challenges in my career and personal life to stretch myself and expand my networks. I am passionate about encouraging and motivating others to reach and exceed their potential and am particularly keen that the technology sector within HE improves its DEI activities, and allows us to attract more diverse talent to our institutions.

Please describe how your experience will support UCISA delivering the strategic plan

I have worked in leadership roles for over 15 years, spanning both the Higher Education and Local Government Sector. I have experienced first-hand the challenges faced to deliver and keep pace with the digital agenda with the years post-covid bringing greater demand coupled with growing investment challenges for many institutions. I was fortunate to be co-opted onto the Board of Trustees for UCISA in 2022, and it has been an exceptional experience, working with the UCISA Board and Leadership Team to ensure that our members are both represented and supported. I have been able to bring my knowledge and skills to the board discussions both from several years at the University of Portsmouth, and my 18 months working at London Business School which provides a different lens to approach the same challenges.

Working collaboratively as a body of organisations facing many of the same challenges will allow for improvement and influence on the market, and the benefits of that are clear to see from the ongoing representation work within UCISA. I would like to continue to bring my commercial and contract management experience to support the board with this growing body of work. Helping UCISA to use our collective influence as a single voice to shape change. Through my career I have led on several multi-million programmes of work, at times with complex shared service structures or tri-partite agreements. I have led bids to central government and supported the delivery thereafter. With a background in business and digital transformation, I would also be looking to support the organisation of UCISA to continue to grow and achieve great results for itself and the sector.

Another key area I would like to support UCISA with is the attraction and retention of highly skilled technical professionals within the sector. It’s an issue for many of our institutions, and as mentioned in the UCSIA vision, working together to provide ‘professional development of individuals and enhance the collective expertise of our community’. At the Leadership Conference in March I participated in a panel, discussing this topic alongside colleagues and Hays. I would like to continue to support UCISA taking a lead facilitation role. We need greater diversity across our institutions, particularly in our technology teams, and I believe UCISA has a role to play in helping accelerate our diversity agenda. Last year I was honoured to participate in a UCISA Webinar alongside the Rt Hon Stuart Lawrence discussing DEI in Tech.

Having completed a Masters in Strategic Leadership, I have had a short break from formal study, but have recently been accepted on a Women in Leadership programme being run by London Business School, I would love to bring this learning to how we can support our Women in Technology group.

Please describe your motivation for applying to be a UCISA Trustee or USL Director:

Having had the privilege to be a co-opted member of the Board of Trustees for the last year, I put myself forward a second time, fully appreciative of the commitment and time it takes. I believe I have added value to the Board over the last year, bringing helpful challenge and support as needed. I have been able to support events and special interest groups, working with the established Trustees in positioning UCISA as the voice of the sector. Over the last year much has been achieved, and the year to come will be equally demanding and exciting, but I am approaching in the knowledge of the value I can bring.

I wish to continue to have the opportunity to develop the approach to our collective talent shortages, and to be able to continue to drive our DEI efforts. I believe my background in both the Local Government Sector and Higher Education, as well as not being a pure technologist, but a grounding across a range of disciplines can continue to add value.

Another motivation for applying again to be considered for a position on the Board of Trustees is to have the privileged opportunity to work with a team of experienced CIOs, working on behalf of the sector. I am sure I will continue to learn and grow whilst giving back to the sector and organisation that has provided so much growth within my career to date.


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Nathalie Czechowski

University of South Wales

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Originating from France, I embarked on a journey to the United Kingdom after completing my studies, driven by a desire to enhance my English language skills—a decision that led me to establish my life and career there permanently. Throughout my career, I have gained a diverse range of experiences across various corporate sectors, including roles at Nestlé and Mondi Packaging, before transitioning into the Higher Education sector as a programmer in 1999.

My professional journey has been marked by a continuous development of leadership skills and an understanding of the crucial role of diversity within teams to achieve successful outcomes. My collaboration with UCISA, in various capacities, has deepened my appreciation for the transformative impact of its collaborative approach on the sector. This engagement has not only facilitated my professional growth but also encouraged me to embrace challenges, thereby contributing to my development as an executive leader.

In my capacity as a Chief Information Officer within the Higher Education sector, I have demonstrated a profound commitment to driving strategic digital change, focusing on achieving business outcomes, reducing costs, and facilitating transformation. My dedication to Higher Education is fuelled by a passion for its values, including the commitment to widening participation. My expertise encompasses the development and implementation of digital strategies that are responsive to potential policy changes in the UK and Wales. Our latest strategy aims to create seamless, connected communities of learning and working both online and offline. This strategy leverages emerging technologies to foster authentic and immersive learning experiences, advances our smart campus initiative to deliver personalised experiences, reduce costs, and support the university’s sustainability commitments—all while ensuring a safe and secure environment. I am leading our transition towards a connected data environment that supports predictive and prescriptive analytics, which is vital for enhancing student success, reducing overheads, and achieving carbon neutrality. These initiatives address common challenges within the sector, positioning me to contribute significantly to UCISA’s mission to guide the sector through these challenges.

My leadership style is characterised by strong interpersonal skills, which have been instrumental in building and maintaining high-performing, motivated teams in a multicultural, fast-paced global context. I promote a culture of openness, trust, constructive challenge, and innovation. As an adept communicator, I am skilled in articulating complex information across various levels, often leading discussions on sensitive and challenging themes as the head of the Digital Strategy Board. My extensive professional network, both domestically and internationally, is a testament to my active involvement in cross-university committees and international projects. As a member of the UA IT group, a board member for the UKK/JISC Software negotiation, and a trustee of CUISA for the last two years, I bring a wealth of expertise that I am eager to leverage in support of UCISA’s strategic objectives, particularly in navigating complex discussions around supplier relations and cyber essentials. broad spectrum of some of the real challenges currently requiring us to work as a sector to help make progress. This experience will help me to influence UCISA and other relevant organisations to continue to deliver a relevant and meaningful strategic plan.

Please describe how your experience will support UCISA delivering the strategic plan

With over 14 years of dedication as a member of the CISG committee, including two years of leadership, and my recent role as a UCISA trustee, I have been deeply involved in shaping the framework and strategic direction of our sector. My tenure in CISG was marked by the development of a comprehensive skills matrix and unified job descriptions, alongside a review of our operating methodologies. This period also saw the orchestration of numerous events aimed at addressing the pressing challenges of our sector.

My commitment to fostering a united sector is driven by a strong belief in the collective benefits it can yield. This belief has motivated me to engage with various action groups, including Blackbaud, TC Global, and skills development initiatives, focusing on resolving the specific issues our sector faces. My involvement ensured that we maintained a Welsh perspective and contributed positively towards successful outcomes for the benefit of all involved.

In my role within the Welsh IT group HEWIT, I have taken a leading stance on critical cybersecurity challenges. I led the development of a proposal to circumvent an impasse concerning the delivery of new Welsh NHS education provisions, necessitating cybersecurity essentials compliance. This proposal, developed through close collaboration with the Welsh NHS for Education and through leading targeted workshops, was successfully accepted, allowing institutions a four-year window to meet cybersecurity requirements.

Our IT department's core ethos is collaboration, as evidenced by our cloud migration journey. After sharing our strategy with the sector and fielding numerous inquiries, we hosted workshops with other universities, such as Bath Spa, fostering significant collaborative relationships to tackle common challenges.

Furthermore, as a member of the University Alliance (UA) IT director's group and a representative for USW in UA's Teaching & Learning committee, I demonstrate my passion for education and our sector's advancement. This role ensures I remain well-informed about new policy proposals and their potential impacts, thus facilitating the effective delivery of our digital services. I also serve on the UUK/JISC Software negotiation board, where I am an active participant.

Inclusivity remains a pivotal challenge within our industry, prompting me to implement improvements to our recruitment processes, such as providing interview questions in advance, based on insights gained at a UCISA leadership conference. My commitment extends to promoting STEM among young girls, supporting female-focused cybersecurity activities, and developing a three-year graduate scheme to enhance IT talent diversity. As someone with a hidden disability, I am deeply invested in ensuring equity and inclusivity, with every initiative undergoing an equality impact assessment.

My passion for our sector is the driving force behind my longstanding involvement with UCISA. I am convinced that, together, we can leverage the right technologies to enable our students to achieve their full potential. This can be achieved through enhanced analytics and by providing platforms and resources that facilitate value-added activities, enriching the lives of individuals within our communities. I believe that my continued participation in UCISA, supported by my extensive experience, expertise, and passion, will contribute to the strategic agenda of our sector.

Please describe your motivation for applying to be a UCISA Trustee or USL Director:

My motivation to apply for the trustee position at UCISA stems from a deep sense of collegiality and a profound appreciation for the invaluable experiences gained through my close collaboration with UCISA over the years. Eager to contribute back to the sector and to UCISA itself, I am enthusiastic about embracing greater responsibilities within the organisation. Serving as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at USW for the past years has not only equipped me with a solid understanding of our sector's challenges and opportunities but has also afforded me the time and capacity required to fulfil the demands of this role effectively.

I believe my accumulated experience positions me well to support and guide the strategic direction of UCISA, while simultaneously presenting me with a stimulating opportunity to further my own professional growth. My commitment to the organization and the sector is driven by a desire to leverage my skills and insights to foster UCISA's continued success and to contribute meaningfully to its mission of enhancing the impact and effectiveness of technology in education.


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Rupa Dey

Deputy Chief Information Officer
Queen Mary University of London

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As a Deputy Chief Information Officer (CIO), for Queen Mary of London, I bring a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to advancing education, research, and innovation through transformative digital solutions. With a career spanning academia, technology and consulting, I have developed a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing the higher education sector. 

Please describe how your experience will support UCISA delivering the strategic plan:

I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to play a role in advancing UCISA's vision of empowering IT and digital professionals within the education sector. I am a big supporter of USICA’s unified approach and the mission to Connect, Share, and Transform as a sector. I am eager to apply my expertise and skills to support UCISA in achieving its goals:

  • Trustworthiness: Throughout my professional journey, I have consistently upheld principles of integrity, transparency, and reliability. I am known for my 'can do' attitude, viewing challenges as opportunities to innovate and adapt. My commitment to maintaining trustworthiness aligns seamlessly with UCISA's values, ensuring that our interactions are grounded in honesty and accountability.
  • Collaboration: I firmly believe in the power of collaboration to foster innovation and achieve collective goals. By nurturing high-performing teams through coaching, mentoring, and fostering a collaborative environment, I have consistently delivered exceptional results. My track record of achieving top team (staff) survey results in the current IT function underscores my dedication to collaborative, a value that resonates strongly with UCISA's ethos.
  • Passion: My passion for leveraging technology to drive positive change and innovation in the education sector is unwavering. I am eager to contribute to UCISA's initiatives, including collaboration with the Home Office, to amplify the sector's voice on critical systems challenges. Through my dedication and enthusiasm, I aim to support UCISA in advocating for impactful solutions that benefit the entire education community.
  • Inclusivity: I believe in creating environments where diverse perspectives are valued and respected, fostering creativity, innovation, and empathy. Leveraging my experience, I will contribute to enhancing the depth and breadth of engagement with UCISA in the UK and beyond.


Please describe your motivation for applying to be a ucisa Trustee or USL Director:

I am excited to collaborate with UCISA in advancing its mission, leveraging my expertise from diverse sectors  such as academia, corporate and consulting. My enthusiasm lies in cultivating collaboration within our  distinctive education sector, where collective endeavours drive our shared objectives. In exchange, I  anticipate the opportunity to deepen my understanding and expertise within the education sector,  enriching my knowledge base and skill set. 


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Nick Gilbert

Chief Information Officer
London School of Economics

Pen profile

Nick is a distinguished digital executive with over two decades of experience focused on advancing Education through information technology, digital and data services. His career spans various leadership roles at the University of Sydney, the University of Surrey and now the London School of Economics, as well as significant contributions to the broader national and international higher education and technology sectors.

Please describe how your experience will support UCISA delivering the strategic plan:

As a seasoned Higher Education Digital Transformation and IT Executive with extensive experience in Australia and the UK, I bring a global perspective and a deep understanding of digital strategies in higher education. My tenure as a co-opted trustee since 2022 has deepened my commitment to UCISA, and the strength of our community has had a profound influence on my decision to establish my professional base in the UK. At the University of Surrey, I led a fantastic team, and had the privilege to lead a transformative digital strategy that integrated digital into the core mission of the institution, informed by advice and support from members of our community. This included major initiatives around improving the experience of our students, and driving operational efficiency and best practice technology implementation, lessons from which have been shared with colleagues across the sector. Now at the LSE, I have the privilege of working with a wonderful new group of digital professionals and helping them reshape the IT support and digital services we provide to the institution. I have, for some time, worked to support my institutions and the sector around supplier issues and critical procurement matters and am a passionate and energetic advocate for authentic, equitable leadership, and the critical mission of digital in our sector.

Please describe your motivation for applying to be a UCISA Trustee or USL Director:

It is perhaps trite now to say that it is a tricky time for the sector. I have, though, been profoundly touched by the huge value that I have seen various conferences, meetings, webinars, and shared teams and email discussions provide to the incredible humans that I know across the sector, recently, at a time when so many have needed support more than ever. I have never been prouder to be involved with UCISA and with this sector than I am now, seeing the willingness to come together, share an ear, share best practice and help colleagues through a very tricky period for so many.

The past two years, through my role as a co-opted trustee of UCISA, my involvement in working groups, and informal and formal activities in and around the sector have been the most rewarding time in my career, and I would be delighted to continue to support the sector, our wonderful community, and the passionate and dedicated team at UCISA in whatever way I can.


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Mark Johnston

Director of IT
University of Glasgow                       

Pen profile

Chat-GPT claims:

Mark Johnston is a highly accomplished technology leader with over 20 years of experience in the Higher Education sector. He has a proven track record of developing and implementing successful strategies for digital transformations. With a keen eye for detail and a strong focus on delivering results, Mark is highly respected by his peers and colleagues for his analytical skills and strategic thinking.

Mark's strengths include his technical proficiency, strategic vision, and collaborative approach. He is skilled in managing teams and fostering a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. Additionally, he is a skilled communicator who can convey complex topics in a clear and concise manner.

As a natural leader and forward-thinker, Mark is passionate about driving innovation and pushing the boundaries to achieve success in the quickly evolving digital landscape.

Mark would add that he is evangelical about technology, hence asking Generative AI for an ego-boosting pen-portrait sourced from LinkedIn. He is still a geek at heart, which might have been somewhat evident at the UCISA Leadership Conference when Mark hosted the fabulous sessions on the main stage on the Thursday afternoon.

Please describe how your experience will support UCISA delivering the strategic plan

Having been fortunate enough to experience employment in three very different Higher Education Institutions, I feel that I understand the challenge in the sector from a number of vantage points.

For me, capitalising on the sector to form stronger representation to vendors is an incredible position we have, but also looking at emerging opportunities and exploring how the sector could best embrace them (e.g. BTS, HERM, etc.)

I have also been working on the representative group with Oracle to find smarter ways for the license model for Java to work for the sector.

Please describe your motivation for applying to be a UCISA Trustee or USL Director:

As a long-standing advocate of UCISA and with approximately 20 years of engaging with UCISA materials and events, I feel the need to put something back in. I was delighted when the board approached me in July 2022 with an invitation to be co-opted as a Trustee which happened again in 2023. While it may have been a tad daunting in my first few meetings (having never been a Trustee before), I feel that we work incredibly well as a team. With my second year coming to a close, and reflecting on my contribution and the benefit it is bringing to me and the sector, I feel that I want to continue adding value back in to a great organisation that supports great members.


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Iain McCracken

Assistant Director, IT Infrastructure
University of Sussex


Pen profile

Iain is a dedicated family man, husband to Becky, father to Rose and Mae, stepfather to Phoebe and walker of Caius the dog.

He is an experienced IT professional with over 15 years digital technology experience, gained through various roles in the Kent and Medway Health Informatics Service (NHS) before joining Higher Education in 2015. Iain has held a range of leadership roles including leading an award-winning service management function, operational leadership and strategic delivery before joining the University of Sussex as Assistant Director, IT Infrastructure in 2022. This senior leadership role, working alongside experienced, influential peers where he is accountable for leading an inspirational team responsible for maintaining and transforming people-centred technology services to support the Universities future ambitions.

Passionate about diversity, equity and inclusion, Iain uses his privilege and experience to support the next generation of technology professionals. Delivering regular presentations to young adults studying in the local college and teaching specialist content to support a module within a local University, Iain positively supports engagement with digital technology from our underrepresented demographics. Away from technology, he volunteers as a rugby coach for a local youth team where he has a particular passion to increase girls’ participation into the game by creating a player pathway to the senior game.

Having previously been the vice chair of the UCISA support services group (SSG) Iain has supported the journey of UCISA for over 6 years. An active member of the community, he has chaired the annual support services conference, a wide range of webinars and was active in the contributions towards the UCISA Building on Success strategic plan. He is passionate about the sector, a true champion of UCISA and the value that sector wide collaboration brings to connect and transform our community.

Most recently, Iain has been co-opted as a Trustee of UCISA and in his first year has played a key role in a number of initiatives with sector wide benefit such as;

  • Representation – Elected as ‘Lead Trustee’ to support the UCISA team with sector wide representation efforts, notably related to a more recent VMWare / Broadcom engagement.
  • Continual Professional Development – Supported the UCISA team to launch the mentoring scheme whilst continuing to mentor two amazing digital leaders from across the sector.
  • Enterprise Service Management (ESM), Community of Practice – Elected to lead the creation of a community of practice for individuals with a particular interest in ESM.


Outside of higher education, Iain is a trustee of a local school and a member of a multi-academy trust where he can influence decisions about educational policies, curriculum development and the overall strategic business direction.

Overall, Iain is an authentic, driven, and accomplished IT professional who is committed to making a positive impact in his work and personal life. His leadership skills, passion for delivery, and dedication to the values of UCISA make him a well-rounded and respected member of his community.

Please describe how your experience will support UCISA delivering the strategic plan

Early in my career I created my personal values, values that I remain aligned to in both my personal and professional life to this day. These values align directly to those of UCISA. Below, is a descriptor of my ‘TOPCAT’ values.

  • Teamwork - The ability to work collaboratively and effectively with others towards a common goal.
  • Openness - The quality of being receptive, transparent, and willing to communicate openly and honestly with others.
  • Passion - Driven by a strong sense of purpose and enjoyment in their work or activities.
  • Collaboration - Sharing ideas, knowledge, resources, and responsibilities in a way that maximizes the strengths and contributions of everyone involved.
  • Accountability - Taking responsibility for one's actions and decisions, both individually and collectively.
  • Trustworthiness - The importance of building and maintaining strong relationships based on mutual respect, transparency, and dependability.


It’s possibly unsurprising that with close alignment of value and purpose, I was instantly drawn to the UCISA community since joining the sector in 2015 and have valued each interaction with peers thought the sector since joining the support services group back in 2018. Supporting the delivery of the UCISA strategy both as a co-opted trustee and as the vice chair of the UCISA support services group has been an absolute pleasure and I feel it’ll be an honour to continue for at least another 12 months to further influence the sector as a trustee of UCISA.

UCISA enables the HE/FE sector to be unique, harnessing a collective voice to collaborate openly continues to be a true benefit of the community. I am fortunate to have chaired the annual UCISA Support Service conference in 2020. This conference was unique in itself, the first annual conference held virtually was a challenge for the committee but openly demonstrated the passion for the community as many support staff came together for the first time in unprecedented circumstances to collaborate, in what for some would have been the first time their heads were ‘above the parapet’ for many months.

I feel the experience and willingness to explore the unknown I bring stands me in good stead to continue my role as trustee at UCISA. It’s evident the sector is facing unprecedented times, a strong trustee team must act with agility, with limited oversight of what may be the next sector wide challenge or consideration.

The last 12 months as Trustee at UCISA I have been immensely impressed with the level of engagement between the existing trustees, the desire to do more for the community and the greater good. I am genuinely excited for the future of UCISA. The beginning of my tenure was very much focused on absorbing information, understanding how the group operates and ‘finding my place’ in the group. Once this was understood, it has been a pleasure to have stepped into significant sector wide initiatives where I have been able to support UCISA as a critical friend and a sector digital expert to wholeheartedly improve our sector.

As a trustee, I’m passionate to be taking sector wide content and creating the transparent platforms to collaborate and share, allowing UCISA to truly represent the sector, both operationally and strategically.

My career has enabled me to operate across roles focused on people, process and technology - a unique blend that allows me to speak with confidence across many areas of digital technology, enterprise service management and organisation change. As referenced in my pen portrait, I use my experience to support underrepresented demographics and promote inclusivity in both my personal and professional life through voluntary activity, that is a passion of mine. ‘Being an experienced person, teaching a less experienced person to become an experienced person’ is a motto that continuously resonates and drives me to do more, evidenced regularly with a small cohort of people that I am fortunate enough to mentor.

In summary, I believe my values and evidenced experience align well with the mission of UCISA, and I am excited about the opportunity to continue to contribute as a trustee. I am committed to promoting collaboration, transparency, and accountability across the sector, and I look forward to working with the other trustees to drive the strategic direction of UCISA.

Please describe your motivation for applying to be a UCISA Trustee or USL Director:

I am truly passionate about the values and mission of UCISA and continue to see the potential for UCISA to have a positive impact on the higher education and further education sector.

I have been actively involved in the UCISA community with the support services group and more recently as a co-opted Trustee and believe that my skills and experience would continue to enable me to make a valuable contribution to the organisation as a trustee.

I am absolutely committed to promoting collaboration, transparency, and accountability, and am excited about the opportunity to help shape the strategic direction of UCISA to better serve its members and the wider sector.