Abstracts Day One: Wednesday 3rd July


Session abstracts - Day One: Wednesday 3rd July


Creating a one-team culture that embraces diversity and inclusion in the Services Support Team: Our Journey
Fola Braimoh, Head of IT Operations & Support and Mindy Bour, Deputy Head of IT Operations & Support, Goldsmiths, University of London

Creating one team culture that embraces diversity and inclusion for fostering innovation, collaboration, and overall success within our organisation. By building a one team culture with diversity and inclusion, we are in a better position to adapt to change and solve complex problems. Diversity and inclusion are interconnected values embraced by numerous organisations that welcome individuals from various backgrounds, races, ethnicities, religions, abilities, genders and sexual orientations. 

Unlocking Opportunities: Leveraging Networking, Mentoring, and Coaching for Inclusive Participation in IT
Vicky Wilkie, IT Services Operational Assurance Officer, University of York

Drawing from personal experiences within organizations such as Women in Tech York and the University of York IT Services Gender Equality Group, as well as from active roles as both mentor and mentee, this session explores how these interconnected practices not only facilitate entry into IT but also enhance professional growth and fulfillment. By emphasizing the collaborative nature of these initiatives, attendees will gain insights into how they can leverage their networks to drive positive change and contribute to a more vibrant and inclusive IT community.

Future-Proofing Communication: Elevate your Impact in an Evolving World
Fiona Brennan-Scott, Voice and Speech Coach (Trainer, Author, Speaker), Member, Professional Speaking Association (MPSA), Bespoken

Calling all subject-matter experts! In our hybrid world, knowing your stuff isn't enough. Learn to turn your subject-matter competence into impactful communication and engagement. Discover how to inspire and influence decision-makers and stakeholders. With over two decades of experience across diverse industries, Fiona will share insights to boost your audience engagement skills. Let's build your confidence to lead effectively into the future. 

Breakout sessions 12:35

  • Undercover Student: The Life of a University IT Double Agent
    Antonia Jones, Customer Success Manager, University of Leeds

    After 10 years of working in IT at the University of Leeds, Antonia Jones got her biggest mission yet, embarking on a dual journey: Undercover agent as a new student in the Chartered Managers Degree Apprenticeship whilst juggling her daily life in her new role as Customer Success Manager. From making new alliances, experiencing what it is like to be a student with a special set of (IT) skills, deciphering unexpected challenges and how the 'mission' has already contributed to improvements so far- Join Antonia and help her continue to crack the student experience code!

  • Institutional Exchange. What's the story, its swapping glory!
    Wayne Winterbottom, IT/AV Support Manager, University of Huddersfield and Ed Stout, Support Services Manager, Leeds Beckett University

Breakout session 14:55

  • Journey to Empowerment: Tools for Coaching
    Bex Cattran, Associate Operations Manager, University of Leeds

    Join Bex Cattran in an insightful workshop exploring novel tools for coaching your team and yourself!

    Discover a set of novel coaching tools that will enrich your toolkit, each crafted to unlock the full potential of your mind. Delve into techniques designed to stimulate different facets of your cognitive prowess, as well as strategies to streamline your personal development journey. Through engaging demonstrations, experience the transformative power of these tools as they illuminate new pathways to self-discovery and growth. Walk away not only equipped with step-by-step instructions and customisable templates but also armed with profound insights into your own mental landscape.

    Come prepared to participate bringing with you one or two objects to explore in the workshop that you would be happy sharing. There will be objects provided if you do not want to bring your own. Your objects should be of a size that can easily be held in one hand.

    Dive into this immersive experience and emerge empowered with invaluable tools and a deeper understanding of your potential.

  • Driving Improvements to IT Service Health
    Mike Haward, Head of Service Performance & Monitoring, UCL

    UCL's IT Service and Performance Monitoring function has built an annual Service Health Review process, supported by a suite of near real-time Power BI service metadata reports. This has resulted in an improved service ownership culture and real continuous improvement across our services. This session will describe the functions and include an online demonstrations of its benefits (and pitfalls!). 

  • Supporting MFA (Fireside Chat)
    Andy Scott, Senior Manager (Service Desk and 2nd Line Support), Durham University

The Robots Are Coming
James Poulter, Founder and CEO, Vixen Labs

This engaging keynote talk explores how organisations can harness the power of conversational AI and generative models to enhance their strategies and connect with customers on a deeper level. James will guide the audience through the essential human skills needed to effectively leverage AI, demonstrating how AI can help create personalised experiences, improve customer support, and optimise marketing efforts. He will also discuss the necessary organizational changes to successfully integrate AI within teams, while fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and ethical responsibility. Join James to discover how Ai driven educational institutions can increase student attraction, improve the learning experience and reduce administrative burdens.