Day 1 Abstracts


Day 1 Wednesday 29 November


How to succeed with Digital Transformation - lessons learned from inside and outside the sector
Andrew Proctor - Executive Lead, UK Education, Amazon Web Services (former Pro Vice Chancellor of Staffordshire University)

With the emergence of disruptive technologies such as generative AI, digital transformation remains a key part of every university’s strategy. However, 70% of digital transformation programmes do not reach their goal.

With existing approaches often falling short, now is the time to adopt different approaches. Hear lessons learned from Andrew’s time leading Staffordshire University’s transformation, including launching the world’s first degree in esports, alongside new approaches gained from his time at Amazon Web Services to help increase your chances for successfully delivering transformation and innovation, covering culture, process, and technology.


What they don't tell you before you take the job to deliver change?
Sean Green, Director of Digital and Change, University of East Anglia

How do you deal with 7 years of back log, technical debt, cyber risks and digital demand? The Digital Transformation Programme - Using the UEA as a case study we will review our challenges and lessons to date with this 3 year programme of change for the University


From Idea to Impact
Jennifer Robertson, Head of Automation, University of Glasgow

Jennifer will focus on what has been happening across the University of Glasgow automation service since launch in January 2023. Sharing headlines across delivery, what they have been doing and even a short demonstration of an automation in action! This presentation invites you to hear more about their successes, lessons learned and challenges and concludes with what the future may look like as their service matures.