Day 1 Preconference sessions


Pre Conference session with Avepoint

Kingston University is moving Its Campuses to the Microsoft Cloud
Steve Britton, Head of IT, Kingston University

Room 4: Time10:30 - 11:45

In the new era of teaching and learning, enabling hybrid and remote campus, offering seamless collaboration and productivity while ensuring a seamless experience is imperative. With the rapid changes in the ways of teaching and learning, education institutions are migrating their on-prem set-ups to more flexible and cloud first models, just like Kingston University.

Join Steve Britton , Head of IT at Kingston University, as he shares their current journey to a Microsoft Cloud first model.

What will be discussed at the roundtable:

  • Microsoft Cloud moving up to be a central part of the university experience and service
  • Building a unified collaboration infrastructure to enable the digital university
  • Putting users first - a human centric approach to data migration
  • Change and adoption program
  • Microsoft 365 training for staff, academics and students
  • Governance and security considerations


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Pre-conference session with AWS

Accelerating AI and ML in Higher Education
Andrew Proctor, Executive Lead - UK Education and Nick McCarthy, Machine Learning Consultant, AWS

Room 12: 1030 - 11:45

Many sectors are seeing an increase in the adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning. According to an IDC forecast, 90% of new enterprise applications will make use of AI by 2025.

Join us for an engaging conversation about AI and ML in higher education.

During the first part of this workshop we will look at the opportunity of AI and ML in the education sector, exploring some potential use-cases. We will also seek to understand why the technology has yet to see wide-scale adoption in the sector and identify any key blockers.

In the second part of the workshop we will outline some practical ways to get started on your AI/ML journey and identify some of the key tools required. We will also discuss some of the key considerations for using this technology in a responsible and ethical way such as diversity, bias, fairness, transparency, and explainability.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the potential use-cases for AI/ML in higher education
  • Understand how can you get started with AI projects
  • Understand the key considerations for responsible use of AI/ML


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Pre-conference session with Box

Protecting cyber assets - A Business Imperative
John Turgoose, Information Systems Manager, Hull York Medical School, University of Hull, Tim Charter, Data Integrity Leader, University of Liverpool Clinical Trails Centre, and Michael O'Neill, Head of Education, Northern Europe, Box

Room 11B - 10:30 -11:30

Content is your most enduring cyber asset - and the most challenging to secure. Balancing internal and external collaboration while protecting confidential content is a daily challenge. Whether we’re faced with honest mistakes, malicious insiders or the scourge of ransomware - everyone from security professionals to content collaborators need entrenched methods to keep content secured.

Join this session to hear a fireside chat with Tim Chater, Data Integrity Leader at Liverpool Clinical Trials Centre based in the University of Liverpool and John Turgoose, Information Systems Manager at Hull York Medical School, University of Hull.

Armed with knowledge of the goals, hazards and waypoints on their content security strategy journey, you’ll have the resources to build a tailored strategic roadmap for content protection.

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