Planning for recovery and economic growth

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11 March 2021

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12 March 2021

online 12:00 - 13:00

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Planning for recovery and economic growth – the role of universities and their finance teams

Universities must move quickly, to meet urgent demands, while planning for an uncertain financial future. In this webinar we will discuss how universities can adapt and move quickly, leveraging internal and external data, planning for multiple scenarios, modelling change and supporting decision making, including establishing the costs and benefits of new initiatives, translating strategy into operational programmes and tracking achievement over time.

Rapid economic and social recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic is vital. Universities will play a vital role in this recovery, increasing skills, supporting innovation and attracting investment and talent. However, the ongoing crisis poses a significant risk to the higher education sector. While class closures might be temporary, it is hard to foresee where the pandemic will result in long-term change.

For example, will restrictions remain for some students and what are the implications for student numbers? Do universities need to retain student accommodation or invest more and accelerate digital offerings? And will the priorities for research funding change, requiring changes to faculties, staff and infrastructure?

The only certainty is that challenging economic circumstances mean universities will be required to increase efficiency, reduce costs and release funding to invest in teaching and research.


person smiling at the camera

Dean Phillips

Assistant Director, Digital and Information Services

University of Aberdeen

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Ian Dunn


Coventry University

woman with short hair smiling

Jen Scott

Digital Development Manager

Opportunity North East

Louise Watson

Louise Watson

Chief Finance Officer

University of Greenwich

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Philip Craig

Finance & Performance Innovation


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Philip is the Director of Finance & Performance Innovation at Oracle. He works with customers across the public sector, including higher education, to support innovation, performance improvement and transformation. Philip started his career as a civil servant and has worked with local authorities, devolved administrations and universities throughout his career.

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Thursday 11th March 


Planning for recovery and economic growth – the role of universities and their finance teams