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UK HE Capability Model

A UCISA Funded Project run by The UCISA Enterprise Architecture CoP

The UCISA UK HE Capability Model project set out with the explicit aim of creating a generic capability model for the UK HE sector to deliver the following benefits:

  • Promote the EA within the HE sector through use of tangible assets;
  • Promote collaboration and efficiency through reusable models;
  • Help ‘jump-start’ EA practices within the sector;
  • Create a common business language both within organisations and the sector;
  • Promote joined up strategic thinking – The BIG Picture;
  • Inform decision making for prioritisation and investment;
  • Connect IT to the business;

In simple terms this project has tried to identify, and group, all the individual ‘building blocks’ (capabilities) required to run a UK HE organisation.

The hope is that HE organisations can use this generic model ‘as is’ or adapt it to their individual needs to assist them in a variety of ways.

It is also envisaged that the model will facilitate a level of consistency and use of a common language both locally and within the sector; In simple terms helping organisations develop a common starting point when planning change.

The project team would like to thank the following:

  • Peter Tinson, Executive Director of UCISA for backing this project and offering the funding to help deliver the final outcomes.
  • Bizzdesign for offering their services for free to assist with this project and acting as EA quality assessors, particularly Paul Bouttell, Nick Reed and Rob Kroese (who actually did the work).
  • On a personal level I want to thank the Project Team for the time and effort they committed to this work on behalf of the sector, without their input and dedication to the cause this project would never have been delivered, so thank you.

We hope you find the model useful and many thanks for your interest.

Happy modelling!




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