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Information Security Toolkit - by section 

The UCISA Information Security Toolkit is currently being substantially revised by a team of five universities and colleagues from Janet. The new Toolkit, the fourth edition, is due to be published in March 2015. For further information please contact Anna Mathews, UCISA Head of Policy and Projects

The individual sections of the Toolkit may be downloaded from the links below. Please note that each section should be read alongside the Introduction and How to use guide and then used to develop appropriate information security elements for inclusion in your organisation's policies.

The UCISA Information Security Toolkit is copyright of UCISA. Subject to the source being appropriately acknowledged and the copyright preserved, it may be copied in whole or in part and incorporated into another document or shared as part of information given, except for use for commercial gain. The reproduction of logos without permission is expressly forbidden. Permission should be sought from the appropriate owner, being either UCISA, the JISC or the JNT Association trading as UKERNA.

Please note that, by downloading the PDF file of the Information Security Toolkit, whether the entire document or an individual section, you agree to abide by the terms of this copyright statement.

  •  [PDF] Introduction
  •  [PDF] How to use the Toolkit
  •  [PDF] A: Information security policy and infrastructure
  •  [PDF] B: Business continuity management and planning
  •  [PDF] C: Compliance 
  •  [PDF] D: Outsourcing and third parties
  •  [PDF] E: Personnel
  •  [PDF] F: Operations 
  •  [PDF] G: Information handling
  •  [PDF] H: User management
  •  [PDF] I: Use of computers
  •  [PDF] J: System planning
  •  [PDF] K: System management
  •  [PDF] L: Network management 
  •  [PDF] M: Software management
  •  [PDF] N: Mobile computing
  •  [PDF] O: Teleworking
  •  [PDF] P: Cryptography
  •  [PDF] Appendix 1: UCISA Document to BS7799 control mapping
  •  [PDF] Appendix 2: BS7799 control to UCISA Document mapping


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