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Information Security (2007)

Publication name:Information Security (2007)
Author: UCISA
Created: 16 July 2007
Categories: Toolkit

The UCISA Information Security Toolkit is intended to support UK Higher and Further Education Institutions in:

  • Producing Information Security policies to address threats to the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information systems for which they are responsible, and to help meet audit requirements.
  • Being able to demonstrate that they are addressing these threats.
The sections draw heavily on British Standard BS 7799, not least by adopting its structure for control objectives and controls.

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The UCISA Information Security Toolkit is copyright of UCISA. Subject to the source being appropriately acknowledged and the copyright preserved, it may be copied in whole or in part and incorporated into another document or shared as part of information given, except for use for commercial gain. The reproduction of logos without permission is expressly forbidden. Permission should be sought from the appropriate owner, being either UCISA, the JISC or the JNT Association trading as UKERNA.

Please note that, by downloading the PDF file of the Information Security Toolkit, whether the entire document or an individual section, you agree to abide by the terms of this copyright statement.

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