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Secure Network Management

Publication name:Secure Network Management
Author: Networking Group
Created: 31 March 2015
Categories: Best Practice Guide


The UCISA Secure Network Management Best Practice Guide has evolved from the UCISA Exploiting and Protecting the Network Best Practice Guide

The UCISA Exploiting and Protecting the Network Best Practice Guide was produced by UCISA Networking Group.  There were four editions of this publication; the last was issued in 2011. 

This new publication takes into account the further growth in network use since the original versions, changes in legislative and regulatory requirements, changes in the allowable uses of the Janet network, and the challenges associated with new and emerging technologies.  Much of the structure and text of the current document has been taken from Exploiting and Protecting the Network, and the work of the original authors and editors is hereby acknowledged.

Related advice is also available from the Networking Group.

There is also a spreadsheet available to help you to think about how your own institution is doing against the recommendations made in the publication.

The UCISA best practice guide Secure Network Management is copyright of UCISA. Subject to the source being appropriately acknowledged and the copyright preserved, it may be copied in whole or in part and incorporated into another document or shared as part of information given, except for use for commercial gain. The reproduction of logos without permission is expressly forbidden. Permission should be sought from UCISA.

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