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Model regulations for the use of institutional IT facilities and systems

Publication name:Model regulations for the use of institutional IT facilities and systems
Author: UCISA
Created: 8 April 2014
Categories: Toolkit

UCISA has produced template regulations for institutions to utilise in whole or in part to form their own regulations.

This document is designed to provide a brief, easily comprehensible set of regulations for the use of IT facilities in UK HE institutions.

The regulations are presented at three levels:

  1. A simplified code, suitable for login splash screens, listing just the essential points;
  2. The core regulations, based around a set of 10 principles that we expect will remain stable as technology and legislation evolves;
  3. A set of guidelines giving more information about and current examples of specific activities that would constitute a breach of the regulations.

It is suggested that the simplified code and the guidelines should remain outside your institution’s formal approval process, so that they may be changed as required to draw the attention of new users to issues of the moment.

Finally, a gap analysis compares the content of the UCISA Model IT Regulations with directives drawn from sample institutional IT regulations; Janet and Eduserv requirements; requirements highlighted from the qualitative research and suggestions drawn from the UCISA Information Security Toolkit.

The regulations have been drafted to work with, rather than to re-iterate, existing laws and institutional policies. So, for example, you will find references to general institutional regulations, information security policies and publication policies. It is assumed that the users are familiar with these other laws and regulations, and the IT regulations do not attempt to provide summaries of them.

The implementation of the Counter Terrorism and Security Act (2015) will require minor changes to the Regulations. However, the application to higher and further education institutions has yet to be determined. UCISA is waiting until the scope of the duties on higher and further education has been fully defined and confirmed by Parliament (expected in autumn 2015) before reviewing the Regulations. In the meantime, it may be considered prudent to make minor adjustments to fully align with the guidance on the Act issued by the Home Office. This blog post outlines the changes that may be required.


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