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Major Project Governance Assessment Toolkit

Publication name:Major Project Governance Assessment Toolkit
Author: Project and Change Management Group
Created: 3 July 2014
Categories: Toolkit


Universities and colleges are constantly undertaking significant change activities. These activities will typically be managed using existing institutional project and change management processes. Often, however, there is a lack of consistency and rigour in the governance approach. This can lead to significant cost overruns and project failure when confronted with the challenges of a major change project. Major Projects require a more rigorous approach to governance and project management to deliver success.

This Toolkit has been developed to assist staff who are managing or participating in major change projects.

The Toolkit provides:

a)      guidance on assessing which projects should be classed as Major Projects

b)      the key governance elements that must be managed for Major Projects

c)      an assessment tool for project governance to help ensure that the required governance actions are established and work effectively throughout the life of the project

d)      a visualisation tool for project governance which gives a view of the project as it currently stands and the changes since the last review

e)      case studies on the use of the Toolkit at the University of Edinburgh

The Toolkit has been designed to be complementary to existing project and change management processes. The Toolkit fills an important gap by providing a repeatable assessment process that covers all aspects of governance for Major Projects. The Toolkit can be used as a reference point and checklist for any project. The Toolkit was originally developed by the University of Edinburgh with support from a project and change management consultant and has been used successfully by on several major software and business change projects.

A useful aid to adopting the toolkit in your instution is the presenation from UCISA15 available as a pdf or in powerpoint.


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