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The truth about data and analytics

Publication name:The truth about data and analytics
Author: UCISA and Sero HE
Created: 4 April 2018
Categories: General
UCISA Update



The truth about data and analytics is the result of a recent workshop of practitioners in this field who were prepared to share the truth about the challenges and the way of advancing data and analytics relevant to the HE sector. The workshop was hosted by UCISA and facilitated by Sero HE, a digital technology consultancy focused on the HE sector.

This report is written primarily for those with responsibility for data analytics in higher education institutions. It focuses on issues currently being experienced by institutions and provides a set of pointers for best practice identified from real world cases. It is written in a concise, practical style to provide an easily digestible thought piece, rather than an exhaustive study.

The report includes case studies from three higher education institutions, plus insights from the further education sector and overseas.


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