Sector offers from ucisa corporate members


Sector offers received so far from ucisa corporate members showing how they helping education customers during this time.


We have a host of resources to help and an option for departments to be able to take advantage of some preferential pricing to ensure institutions can equip educators with virtual classrooms to reach students anywhere. There is a free trial.

Information on preparing to scale teaching and learning online is also available.

Our Webinar Training Series: Accelerate Your Transition to Remote Instruction sessions are already underway, recordings will be made available. More details on our free course can be found here and searching on the Type of Course = FREE


CirrusHQ is a specialist education focussed Advanced AWS Consulting Partner. We are offering a free Well-Architected Review (which can be carried out remotely) on your AWS solutions. These health checks focus on Performance, Reliability, Security, Costs and Operational Excellence. Alongside that advice, comes a detailed set of recommended remediation activities - and we are also able to implement many of these remediations in this free offer.

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We have created a Remote Working Toolkit which we are providing to universities for free for 3 months to help them to be able to keep running online classes and meetings. There is no obligation to buy after the 3 months for the universities. More details on the kits can be found here


Osirium is a UK-based Secure Remote Access software company and we would like to help ucisa members continue to operate during these difficult times without introducing more risks or costs. To this end, Osirium is offering our PxM Express software for free. This is full functionality software that enables remote workers to securely access and support the critical IT servers and infrastructure that keeps your institution operational.

You can get up and running in just 8 minutes. We’re also here to assist, should you need any help. You can find more information and register online.

Strategic Blue

Strategic Blue has partnered with leading cloud providers to offer free cloud credits for research related to current challenges. There are two schemes: a) big science responses b) community responses.