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Update from UCISA HQ

Another academic year has begun and like our members we’re busy behind the scenes!


At our latest UCISA Board meeting held in Craiglockhart Campus, Edinburgh last week, we agreed the final look and feel of our new branding. Exciting to see examples of how all your comments and input are coming together. The general feeling is a really positive new look conveying the vibrancy and professionalism of our members. 


We’re now getting ready to launch our new look at the joint Corporate Information Systems Group and Project and Change Management Group Conference (CISG – PCMG Conference) in Glasgow, November 21 – 23. If you haven’t booked on already, there’s still time to reserve your place. Hope to see you there!


Our new branding will be used for inform our design as we continue working on delivering your new website. We’ve listened to your feedback. Thank you, every point is appreciated and watch this space to keep up to date with progress. Our challenge is to deliver what you need from us and start to release the website as soon as we have something that is functional and reliable. You’ve given us some interesting requests!


We always value hearing from our members and we were delighted to receive such warm praise and positive messages about the service and support you are receiving from our most recent team members at HQ. As the Support team continues to grow it enables us to facilitate and deliver the projects and events you request. We’ll continue listening and implementing products and services that meet the needs of our members, together.



Another exciting development to arise from the various discussions last week is a great new initiative – we’re calling it Group Chairs plus One or ‘GC+1’

We’re running a pilot of the initiative at our IG conference next week, The changing face of infrastructure: tin, clouds and people. So the first Group Chair to have the chance to take up this pilot is Mat Flower, University of Wolverhampton, the recently appointed Chair for the Infrastructure Group. Mat will be introducing his colleague Ivan Hollins, Testing Lead at University of Wolverhampton, to the valuable experience of attending the conference. You’ll be hearing more from Mat and the other Group Chairs in the future


Hope to see you at a UCISA event soon.

Published by  on 20 September 2018
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