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Launch of the UCISA IT Communications Toolkit

UCISA IT Communications Toolkit  - a resource for higher and further education institutions

The project lead, Sarah Peace, Head of Desktop and Printing Services at the University of York explains, “The aim of this Toolkit is to provide the UCISA community with a resource that anyone involved in IT communications can use. Whether you have an embedded communications team, a central university team or it’s everyone’s responsibility, there’s always room for improvement, and we hope that even someone who has worked in comms for several years can learn from this resource.”

The Toolkit is split into four sections: why communicate?, how to communicate, when to communicate and who to communicate to.  But perhaps the most valuable part of the Toolkit is the resources section – a repository of graphics, templates, strategies and videos that you are invited to explore and repurpose.

Published by  on 6 July 2018
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