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The Bristol badge bash!


Welcome to the Bristol Badge Bash!

Back by popular demand - gamification returns to this year’s conference! Please join us for the Bristol Badge Bash, a journey around our host city and its fascinating history and architecture.


Win prizes and learn about the city’s links to Hollywood, piracy, roads, climate change denial and Star Wars by collecting badges from exhibitors, quizzes, new delegates, hidden in presentations and even just by waking up on time! It’s a great way to get the most from your time out of the office.


Getting Started

To play, you’ll need a Credly account. If you aren't already registered with Credly you'll need to sign up by visiting, but it's a straightforward process.


If you'd like to know more about how they will use your data, please be sure to check Credly's privacy policy:


When you’re signed up, head to the following link to claim your first badge:


This year we’ve been experimenting with the Credly API and hoping to add a little colour to proceedings.


As players gather badges, we will move around Bristol – will we collect 1000 badges and make it back around the city to the hotel?:


If you’re hyper-competitive (and last year some of you were!), you can check out the current leader board (updated every 15 minutes):


More Badges

There are over 35 badges to claim across the conference. We won’t tell you where all the badges are, though we’ll drop a few hints as the conference continues. Based on your feedback we’ve simplified the game a bit and you can now claim badges by scanning QR codes.


When you claim a badge, please make sure to read the description to pick up an interesting tidbit about our host city!


The game was put together with the aim of helping everyone make the most of the conference - so think about the things you find most valuable about these kinds of events and you can't go wrong! A good place to start is by getting around and meeting all of the exhibitors, who will each have a code to give you.


As with last year, we hope conference events will inspire some “on-the-fly” badges (although hopefully no fire alarms) – watch out for these being shared around the venue and on social media. We also have a special badge for those we spot cheating…


What’s in it for you?

It's not all digital rewards! As well as an enjoyable conference, we will have some limited edition physical mementos for you to take away.


We have two souvenir badges to collect – when you collect the right combinations of badges associated with playing the game or speaking with the right people, we’ll let you know and you can collect your badge from conference registration.


There will also be a special game award given at the end of the conference for the delegate who collects the most sets of badges.


And finally, if you meet all of our exhibitors you'll be entered into a special prize draw at the end of the Conference.

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