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SSG17 - Fully booked 

   Support Services Group (SSG) 

5 July 2017   -   7 July 2017
Bristol Marriott Hotel, City Centre

bristol marriot


It’s not about technology, it’s about people...

This year’s Support Services Group conference #ussg17 will take place in Bristol, at the Marriott Hotel in the City Centre.

The theme of the Conference is It’s not about technology it’s about people. For years our customers and partners in our institutions have followed, willingly or otherwise, as we led them through continual change and technical evolution. We’ve built processes to manage the transitions and written countless instructions and how to guides to ease their passage through the maze of technology, gadgets and systems they are presented with.

But perhaps we’ve been looking in the wrong direction and trying to solve the wrong problem? Instead of concentrating on the new gadget, perhaps we should be more concerned with the person holding the gadget, maybe the only worthwhile kpi on that gadget is how much it has improved the person’s life.

SSG17 is all about people – the people using our services, the people deploying our services and the people supporting our services. You’ll hear about the user experience revolution taking place on websites, you’ll hear about values, IT heroes and digital leadership, the on-going dialogue between IT and the academic, and of course you’ll hear from students on our popular panel discussion slot.

But perhaps most importantly you’ll hear from your peers. The 20*20 and video showcases are back, giving everyone the opportunity to demonstrate the innovations, good practice and service excellence that is being delivered across the sector. We’re committed this year to getting the widest range of speakers in our 20*20 slots. We’d love to hear from you, if you have a story to share to inspire your peers, please sign up.

The programme of speakers and sessions has been based on feedback from previous years. This conference really is all about the delegates, so we invite all staff that are involved in the delivery of support services to join us and we look forward to seeing you there!






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