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The following links to resources developed during and after the conference and to any websites referenced during the event.

Please note that UCISA is not responsible for the content of external sites

SSG16 padlet

Illustrations by Lynton Hemsley

There is a playlist of the videos on the UCISA YouTube channel
Pdfs of the presentations are linked from the programme

Blogs on SSG16
Badges Badges Badges! How we gamified a conference – Gareth Edwards, University of Oxford
UCISA SSG16 Day 1: People, Service, Duty – Kerry Pinny, University of Lincoln
UCISA SSG16 Day 2: Boxes, Bees, Dance – Kerry Pinny
UCISA SSG16 Day 3: Thinking, Hacking, Brilliance – Kerry Pinny
ICT vs. Educational Technologists – Kerry Pinny
Ucisa Support Services Conference 2016 - Learning and Listening – Matthew Saunders, University of Lincoln


Mentioned during Roisin Cassidy’s presentation on Embracing Open Badges
Barclays Digital Wings
Open Badge Designer.
Open Badge Factory
Mozilla Backpack
Open Badge Passport
Open Badges in Higher Education
hastac: Digital Badges Bibliography
Educause brief: Where Badges Work Better
Design Principles Documentation Project: Executive Summary
Badge Alliance
Open Badges Think Out Loud Club
University of Southampton: Open Badges in Higher Education Conference

Sheffield residents in bitter row over tree-felling proposals, article from the Independent referred to during Aline Hayes’s presentation, tweeted by Peter Tinson, UCISA
Do You Have Destination Addiction?, blog by Gabrielle Treanor, tweeted by Anna Mathews, UCISA
Random Acts of Kindness Daily, tweeted by Dave Hyner
I am rubbish at Twitter, blog by Kerry Pinny
Stop Moaning, Start Doing, blog by Kerry Pinny
The UK Higher Education Learning Space Toolkit
UCISA Cloud computing briefing paper
Students' experiences and expectations of the digital environment, blog by Helen Beetham, Jisc
Manifesto for Agile Software Development, tweeted by Gareth Edwards
UK HE Benchmarking Report 2016
Higher Education TechQual Project  Referred to during Sally Bogg’s presentation
UCISA Out of Hours Survey Report, tweeted by Anna Mathews
UCISA Social Media Toolkit  
Information Security Awareness Training Course, tweeted by Peter Tinson
Awareness Raising, Information Security Management Toolkit, tweeted by Anna Mathews

Gareth Edwards twitter feed:
Map of the USSC Twitter community, Bluenod
The Four Horsemen: Recognizing Criticism, Contempt, Defensiveness, and Stonewalling


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