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The following links to resources developed during and after the conference and to any websites referenced during the event.
Please note that UCISA is not responsible for the content of external sites.

Storify of the conference by Peter Tinson, UCISA 
Eventifier summary
Conference Padlet wall 

Day one - Mark Jacot, Open University
Day two - Mark Jacot
Innovation, IdeaScale and a pet cow - Chris Sexton, University of Sheffield
Some thoughts on speaking - Gareth Edwards, University of Surrey
UCISA Support Services 2014 Conference Part 1 - Gareth Edwards
UCISA Support Services Conference Part 2 - Gareth Edwards
Day one - And we're off! - Sally Bogg, University of Leeds
Day one, part two - Sally Bogg
Day two (part 1) - Sally Bogg
Day two (part 2) - Sally Bogg
Living with 100 things - Chris Sexton
A view from Crewe - reflections - Mark Jacot
Conference report - Tony Brett, University of Oxford
Conference report - John Ireland, University of Oxford
Three reasons why failure is an option - Jonathan Munn
Day three - Sally Bogg

United breaks guitars - Dave Carroll video mentioned in Carolyn Blunt’s presentation 
Account of the impact of Dave Carroll’s video from the Guardian 
Presentation by Heidi Fraser-Krauss and Thomas Krauss at UCISA14 (referred to by Gareth Edwards in commenting on Carolyn Blunt’s presentation) 
Presentation by Alex Hunter at UCISA14 (referred to by Peter Tinson in commenting on Carolyn Blunt’s presentation)
Service Desk consolidation - blog posting on the work at Oxford mentioned in John Ireland’s presentation 
Resources mentioned in Gareth Edwards’ presentation
Smart bins mentioned in Dean Phillips’ presentation
Using the Students Union to step it up - Alistair Reid Pearson’s blog highlighted in the Panel session and Neill Clark’s presentation
ITIL v Process - James Woodward presentation mentioned in discussion on Rhys Davies’ presentation
Gamification – the future is fun - mentioned in Brian Smith’s presentation
Homes of the future - mentioned in Brian Smith’s presentation
Anti-phishing Phil (referred to by Tony Brett in commenting on Brian Smith’s presentation)
Seth Priebatsch: Building the game layer on top of the world (referred to by Gareth Edwards in commenting on Brian Smith’s presentation)
Service Desk Benchmarking survey carried out by UCISA, Cherwell Software and the Service Desk Institute referred to in Sally Boggs’ presentation 
NUS Charter on Technology in Higher Education mentioned in Neill Clark’s presentation

Best takeaways
  • Customer Service mistakes.
    1. Lack of ownership
    2. Lack of effort
    3. Lack of empathy
  • Try to introduce more personality into service tweets. I might need to convince bosses it's okay to be humorous but I'm up for the challenge!
  • Failure is an option. There is knowledge in the journey
  • Power to the people - 4 words as terrifying as they are inspiring.
  • Don't jump in on Family Fortunes before you've spoken to your team
  • Start a dialogue with the student union on how to improve the service we deliver to students
  • A picture says a thousand words- use more pictures!
  • Transformative & cultural change must be led from the very top. Heard from several inspiring leaders now. #impressed
  • Loved the infographics from Rhys Davies - will look to producing my own
  • Need a flexible IT resource to be able to meet the lumpy demand from customers otherwise they won't wait and will go elsewhere
  • Padlet. A great tool and useful resource for gathering thoughts and ideas from staff in the team and feedback from customers. Heard about it for first time on Tuesday and already using it as a communication tool within our service desk
  • I'm going to try and gamify student interaction to increase participation.
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