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PCMG is a group of like-minded people who are interested in taking a proactive role in the development of their area of expertise/interest. By joining the committee you will be able to play your part in taking this agenda forward. You will also have the opportunity to network closely with others at different institutions and get the inside view on how they are tackling the problems we all face.

Full details of what is expected and how to apply are available

Posted:  25 July 2018

UCISA’s Project and Change Management Group are looking for additional members for the committee full details of what will be expected are available

Posted:  15 September 2016

UCISA’s Project and Change Management Group have published a toolkit for Effective Benefits Management for IT and Business Change Projects, it aims to provide an overview of the principles behind Benefits Realisation and some basic tools for use in projects in HE and other sectors, while providing some signposts to more sophisticated techniques that are available should a project require them. 

It can be downloaded from the Publications library

Posted:  14 September 2016

There is increasing use of cloud-based services in Project and Change management, such as Trello, Skype and Doodle, often in conjunction with Google Apps. The PCMG Committee has developed a range of mini-toolkits to help people use these services more effectively.

Posted:  2 September 2016

Bookings are now open for CISG-PCMG16 - From vision to embed - going all the way with institutional change

Posted:  6 June 2016

This guide provides guidance for higher education institutions considering establishing a Project Management Office (PMO) function.  It includes advice on designing your PMO and on implementation as well as providing a set of example artefacts.  This guide particularly addresses the situation where the PMO is looking after business change and IT projects only, rather than a joint Estates/IT PMO, although much of the following will be applicable in both cases.

This guide forms part of a set of UCISA Project and Change Management publications including the Major Project Governance Assessment Toolkit and the guide to Effective Risk Management for IT and Business Change Projects and is intended to be used in conjunction with them.

It is available to downloaded from the Publications library in both PDF or Word format.

Posted:  15 October 2015

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