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Network futures 

   Networking Group (NG) 

21 January 2015
Austin Court, Birmingham

The world in which we inhabit is increasingly becoming connected in ways that just a few year ago were unimaginable.  Furthermore, the scale and scope of these developments are following an ever upwards trajectory that raises the sheer technical complexity of the underlying infrastructures as much as the expectations of citizens who make use of it.

And herein lies the great challenge for network architects and designers to ensure that infrastructures provide a seamless and ubiquitous experience for all users while having the agility to change to keep pace with new realities.

The world increasingly expects a seamless IT environment that facilitates the collaboration of partners, stakeholders and citizens in a secure manner.  And this ubiquitous IT environment must accommodates the needs for truly mobile computing to provide always on, always available access to this environment.  Furthermore, it is essential that agility is built in to provide the flexibility and extensibility that can accommodate these diverse and changing requirements adapting to the day to day needs of individuals, their alliances and collaborations, and that of organisations.

It is quite clear that this vision is founded on a resilient and reliable infrastructure and this UCISA-NG event will explore the many components that together will make this a reality.  The event will offer the opportunity to share institutional experiences of planning and accommodating these challenges and to hear from speakers who are already actively engaged in making this a reality.

The event is aimed at technical practitioners working in, and responsible for, both the design and build, and the operation of networked services

The costs for this event are as follows:

  • Members: £105 inc VAT
  • Non members: £165 inc VAT


Event Information
Event: Network futures
Date: 21 January 2015
Venue: Austin Court, Birmingham
Book by:  9 January 2015
Status: open
Hashtag: #unetfut

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