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BYOD: responding to the Challenge 

   Networking Group (NG) 

7 May 2013
Austin Court, Birmingham

 Bring Your Own Device to work (BYOD) is not a new phenomenon, but it has increased in importance as tablets and smartphones become ever more capable.  By some accounts, two thirds of employees in the corporate sector are already using personal devices in the workplace whether or not it’s sanctioned by the company.  In the UK HE sector, the likelihood is that the proportion is even higher.

BYOD brings significant risks, particularly around information security and the possibility of overloading wireless networks and other resources, but offers the potential for significant benefits too – not only cost savings, but also greater flexibility and productivity benefits.  Individual users are often quicker to adopt new technologies and features than central IT departments.

The IT industry offers solutions to the BYOD problem – often with the premise that there is a corporate network inside a strictly controlled firewall which personal devices could breach.  The position in our sector is somewhat different – so how relevant are the industry approaches to BYOD in UK HE?

Explore these issues and more at the UCISA BYOD event in May 2013.

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Event: BYOD: responding to the Challenge
Date: 7 May 2013
Venue: Austin Court, Birmingham
Book by:  19 April 2013
Hashtag: #ubyod

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