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Connectivity over London

Connectivity over London is an initiative instigated by Claire Priestly, CIO at City, University of London, to provide comprehensive wireless connectivity across London. The first phase of the initiative involves a number of public sector organisations (universities, local authorities, NHS hospitals) who are already or are planning on broadcasting the GovRoam and Eduroam services. Claire Priestley, Omid Shiraji (CIO, Camden Council) and Stuart Brown (Director of ICT, University of London) gave a presentation on the initiative at the UCISA London Group event on 19 July.

Institutions wishing to participate in the initiative will need to broadcast GovRoam. Jisc has provided briefing notes to assist institutions to set up GovRoam. These notes are not intended to be a one size fits all guide as much will depend on the technical architecture of the implementing organisation. Jisc is, however, able to provide assistance. Eric McIntosh, Director of Operations at City, University of London, commented on deploying GovRoam:

“From our perspective - at City, we have experience running Radius and Eduroam so it was a matter of creating the Govroam SSID, deploying and configuring new Radius server proxies, changes to networks, applying the configuration received from JISC and a little troubleshooting. Jisc had told us it was similar to Eduroam and looking at the configuration details we could extrapolate what needed to be done - as we don’t authenticate Govroam users internally it was simpler to deploy.”

At the time of writing twelve higher education institutions are broadcasting or have committed to broadcast GovRoam. Clearly the more institutions that engage with the initiative, the more successful it will be. Should you be interested in taking part, please contact UCISA in the first instance.

The target date for launch of the first phase is 31 August 2017.



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