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UCISA London October meeting 

   UCISA London Group 

18 October 2017
WMC - The Camden College, London


The meeting of the UCISA London Group, supported by LMN, will be held in the afternoon of 18 October 2017, at WMC - The Camden College, London and is open to representatives of London-based UCISA member institutions.

Rather than have one theme, the meeting will cover a variety of topics.

The meeting will be of interest to IT Directors and network managers from FE and HE institutions in London, amongst others.

The event is open to staff from all Full member institutions to attend but booking is required.

Timings will be:


Registration and networking lunch


Consultation session on developing the Jisc DDoS mitigation service (to protect web platforms and email)
Nelson Ody, Security Services Manager and Tim Boundy, Security Services Delivery Manager, Jisc

The DDoS protection for the network was turned on a year ago and in that time, we have seen some 1000 attacks against 221 individual members. All our members connected to Janet benefit from this protection as part of the network provision. However, in refining the service, there is an opportunity for a more granular protection and this session is designed to help us develop this further capability by working with our members in London to help inform what their critical services may be.

[PDF] presentation

1400   Facilitated discussion session on the merging of systems
Bernard Aghedo, Liaison Officer, UCISA London Group

[PDF] presentation

1430   Networking break


  Business and technology transformation at the University of London – a case study
Steve Knibbs, Head of Hosting Services, supported by Jane McQuilkin, Senior Project Manager at CoSector, University of London            

[PDF] presentation 


King’s and the RAID of doom
Trevor Baxter, Director of IT Solutions, King's College London

October 2016 was the start of an interesting couple of months for King’s. Most of you have heard about the incident and some of you may yet face the same in the future. I found myself on the front line of this, I saw the good and the bad. I saw places where we so nearly avoided any issue, and yet in a perfect storm it fell the wrong way. In this session I will tell you the story of The Incident, how it came about and what we learned in the hope you can avoid something similar.

[PDF] presentation 
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Event Information
Event: UCISA London October meeting
Date: 18 October 2017
Venue: WMC - The Camden College, London
Book by:  18 October 2017
Status: open

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