Webinar: Implementing Teams - horror flick or fairy story?

Hosted by John Springett, Head of Applications, The University of East London

Platform: Microsoft Teams
Thursday 27 February, 1300-1430
Book: here

The University of East London would like to invite you to Register for an interactive webinar where they will share their MS teams implementation experience.

They have been using Microsoft Teams since January 2018, at first for professional services and then later that year for a small number of academics and their students.

IT Services, Learning and Teaching colleagues and Academics with experience of using Teams for both on campus and distance learners will contribute to the webinar and discuss the following:
  • So how did the implementation all work out?
  • What problems have there been to overcome?
  • Why did they do it like they did?
  • If they were to implement Microsoft Teams all over again, what would they do differently? Would they employ a different strategy for adoption, or would they not implement at all? Spoiler, the answer is of course YES! What about training and communications?
  • Teams is constantly growing, so how can we plan to manage Teams and it’s ever expanding associated applications in the future?
No previous experience required, just an interest in the potential of Teams. The webinar is open to ucisa full members.

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