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UCISA bursary scheme 2018 - Winners announced 


Funding from the UCISA bursary scheme gives IT and IT-related staff the opportunity to travel to conferences and keynote technology events they might otherwise be unable to attend.

We were delighted to receive 45 applications. Applicants were asked to outline how the conference would benefit them personally, and their department/institution.

Candidates were also asked to demonstrate how they would share what they have learned with the UCISA community and the further and higher education sectors and how they would publicise good practice within the UK.

Successful candidates will be blogging about their chosen conferences on the UCISA blog, as well as writing articles for publication, presenting at UCISA events, running seminars, and writing material for the UCISA resources.

The following candidates were selected to attend their chosen conferences: 

The bursary applications were judged by Sally Bogg (Chair, UCISA Support Services Group), Adrian Ellison (elected member) and David Telford (UCISA Chair) from the UCISA Executive Committee and Anna Mathews, UCISA Head of Policy and Projects .   Representatives from UCISA’s special interest groups and communities of practice also contributed to the judging process.   


bursary 2018 flyer

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