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Deputy Director level action learning sets


UCISA has collaborated in the past with our equivalent associations for Finance, Estates, HR and the Library (BUFDG, AUDE, UHR and SCONUL) to run Action Learning Sets for Deputy Director level (or equivalent) staff. We are pleased to announce that two further associations - those for HE Strategic Planners (HESPA) and Research Managers and Administrators (ARMA) are also taking part this year. Action Learning Sets are a powerful experience for leaders and brings people together to exchange, support and challenge each other in action and learning. The process will help to develop participants' active listening and questioning skills, expose them to different challenges and develop a fresh perspective on issues.

What are the benefits?

  • Input from other Deputy Directors (or equivalent) across a variety of roles who will challenge your thinking and offer a fresh perspective.
  • Development of your active listening and questioning skills. 
  • Exposure to a variety of new and different challenges in other institutions.
  • Consolidation of learning over a medium to long term period, rather than a one-off experience. 
  • A rare opportunity for time away from the office for deep thinking about pressing issues.
  • Development of a trusted network of peers who normally continue to share thinking long after the formal ‘end’ of the action set series. 

A group of 6-7 participants from across the associations' memberships will form a set who will then together attend 4 workshops over 8 months with an external facilitator. The Action Learning Set costs £595 per individual for the full programme. 

We are now inviting participation in the 2018-19 programme. Potential delegates need to register their interest by Friday 28th September. Details on how to do this and further information are available in this brief.

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