webinar What will the new normal look like and how can we plan for it


On  3 April 2020 the ucisa Enterprise Architecture Group held a webinar on the future after COVI|D19 and what happens when restrictions are relaxed and we try and return to ‘normal’ operations.

Much of this will be the mechanics of returning to our premises, and restarting/re-prioritising projects. However, there’s also an interesting longer term piece to this around how the response to the pandemic might affect technology within our institutions in the longer term, for example:

  • Mobile / agile working
  • Remote working tools
  • Collaboration tools
  • Teaching methods
  • New buildings
  • Online assessment and exams
  • Use of own devices
  • Etc..

All of the above and more will undoubtedly impact on our future technology strategies. The idea was that the discussion would be around identifying the areas that might be affected, as well as the potential changes – with a view to thinking about how it will affect architecture and technology strategy.