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Digital Capabilities Community

UCISA-DCG have established a Digital Capabilities Community. The intention is to build an active community for colleagues and peers involved in IT training and user skills development, particularly in higher education institutions in the UK. Membership of the community is open to anybody in the higher and further education sectors with an interest in the provision and management of IT training and development.

What is the community about?

The Community is intended to help its members make connections and share best practice in approaching the challenges of IT and digital skills training in the changing HE landscape. The aim is for the community to become a core element in its members Personal Learning Networks (PLN), a place where members can interact with like-minded colleagues and peers so that knowledge and good practice can spread around the sector to the wider benefit.

You can join by clicking here

News and Events
Digital capabilities survey report 2019 published       4 June 2019


No events currently scheduled

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