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Enterprise Architecture community of practice

The UCISA Enterprise Architecture community of practice provides a forum for the discussion, development and dissemination of information on effective approaches to Enterprise Architecture and Service Oriented Architecture.

The community will include groups from outside of UCISA, particularly Jisc and The Open Group, who have already supported the introduction of Enterprise Architecture within Higher Education and therefore have much to contribute.


What is Enterprise Architecture?

In its broadest definition, Enterprise Architecture can be described as:

Enterprise architecture is the creation of strategy for process and IT change, reflecting the integration and standardisation requirements for a University's operating model. The operating model is the desired state of process integration and process standardisation for delivering a University's core activities - education and research, as well as planning and administration

(drawn from  Innovating with Information Systems) Enterprise Architecture includes a wide range of aims and activities:


  • IT Governance Alignment of IT strategy with University strategy
  • Development of IT and data integration and standardisation strategies that fit with a University's operating requirements
  • Development of models that articulate a change of state from 'as-is' to 'to-be'
  • Practical modelling as well as conceptual modelling, spanning process, application, data and infrastructure
  • A series of architectural activities that are part of a continuum, rather than a single grand plan

The introduction of an Enterprise Architecture approach can deliver benefits, including:

  • Lower costs for business operation, change management and IT
  • Investments which are more focused on University strategic change priorities
  • More effective dialogue between senior management, users and IT staff
  • Greater business and IT agility
  • Improved IT interoperability
  • Reduced complexity in IT

Next steps

If you are interested in learning more about the Enterprise Architecture community of practice, please see the following:


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