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Crowdsourcing sessions

The themes for the CISG15 Crowdsourcing sessions are:


IT strategy – how have approaches evolved to rapidly changing services?
Presenter: John Maher, University of the Highlands and Islands - (Room: William Dunbar)
Facilitator: Will Allen, Jisc

Do you believe in your IT strategy?  Did what you wrote 5 years ago become true?  Can you predict the future?  How quickly will your current IT strategy start to feel dated?

We all face a rapidly changing IT landscape and pressure from our many stakeholders to be more agile, adopt new technologies and services, and burst into the cloud. This seems at loggerheads with our legacy business systems which, given their complexity, we probably want to take a more measured approach to changing. Can we be dynamic and exciting and also solid and stoic?

So, how do you sit down and write a 5 year plan that has to balance these 2 opposing positions and how can you make sure it remains relevant?  Come and along and share your ideas (and strategies) for new approaches to coping with rapidly changing services.


Business process improvement – can it help us do more with less?
Presenter: James Smith, Birkbeck, University of London - (Room: James Graham)
Facilitator: Janette Hillicks, Jisc

We’ve all had the conversation that starts, “If only we had a new system, everything would be solved!”  How often does it then transpire that several years (and many hundreds of thousands of pounds later) we are running shiny new software… but everything is not solved – because we’re running the same tired old business processes?  How do we encourage our senior stakeholders to believe that there is mileage in business process improvement?  Do they even know what a business process is?  How do we give staff the skills, confidence and license to challenge and ultimately improve the way processes work, across organisational silos, to really deliver more with less?


Portfolio management – a successful prioritisation method?
Presenter:  Ian Maitland, Leeds Beckett University - (Room: Mary McLeod)
Facilitator: Andy Stewart, Jisc

We have an IT Strategy.  We have a pile of approved projects that contribute to a change program to implement our approved strategy.  We only have a limited amount of IT resource, with an out dated skills set, we have a limited budget.  How do we prioritise these projects and who should take responsibility for this prioritisation?  How much change can our institution undertake at any one time?  How do we track and manage scarce resource across multiple interdependent projects.  What is the relationship between Portfolio management and program management?  Portfolio management and resource planning?  


Supplier/vendor management – how is this changing/needing to change?
Presenter: James Blair, Edinburgh Napier University - (Room: Robert Aytoun)
Facilitator: Antony Mckay, Jisc

We’re at a turning point where things are going to the Cloud, it's not a question of if they will be going!  How do we enhance and manage our contracts and suppliers for this transition, do we need a shared approach?   Should we get a third party to check our contacts?  How can we trust them?  Do these contracts really mean anything if it all goes wrong?  Can we reduce the time from buy to sign off? When should we start contract engagement?  How do we get out of a contract?  What safeguards us and our vendors so we have a shared agreement?

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