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University and the Cloud – (Robert Burns Ballroom)
Karen Minicozzi,VP, HCM Product Strategy, EMEA, Workday

The IT landscape is changing at a breakneck pace – sharing services, IT governance, cloud based solutions, staffing models, etc… In this session we will address your concerns over what constitutes a true cloud solution and its impact upon your organisation.

We’ll outline specifics on what you should look for when researching new solutions and which cloud models will fit your own unique needs.


Power your campus with a self-driving ERP – (Robert Aytoun Room)
Nick Gibson, Education & Not For Profit Client & Market Development Manager, Unit 4

We live in a world where consumer apps are smart enough to be one step ahead of our ever evolving needs, but this isn't true in our work lives, especially where enterprise resource planning systems are concerned.  In this session, you'll learn how a self-driving ERP, much like a self-driving car, can learn and adapt to its users, thereby empowering your entire institution to be more productive.

Learn how the future of enterprise software can match the consumer expectations of personal apps.  Understand why ERP systems built for manufacturers are a poor match for people centred organisations like college campuses.  Determine if your institution is ready to leverage the digital transformation taking shape in the ERP market.

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