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Dell Corporation Ltd (Exchange 1)
Implementing IT changes in a left wing, liberal arts college, that has a conservative culture
Joel Bloomfield, John Bailey, Dell and David Swayne, CIO, Goldsmiths University of London
Creativity has always been the hallmark of Goldsmiths.  Academic excellence and imaginative course content combine to make a place where creative minds can thrive and ideas are allowed to grow.
Courses and research activities span the arts, humanities, social sciences, cultural studies, computing, business and management across 20 academic departments.  It is important that the information technology and information services within Goldsmiths support the creative image of the University in relation to the systems relating to Learning and Teaching and Research.  It is important that the IT&IS services support the brand, don’t enforce rigid standards in areas that would damage their creative nature, are delivered professionally and that they empower our customers with respect to finding and using information pertinent to their roles.  In this session we will be talking about how Dell are supporting the University’s IT transformation to be future ready and the steps we have gone through to build a successful partnership.


Logicalis UK (Exchange 2&3)
Digital ready university – the Digital Generation of Things is NOW
Chris Gabriel, Chief Digital Officer, Logicalis UK
UCISA 2016 will see the launch of Logicalis UK’s annual survey of the first digitally defined generation – The Generation of Things, the only UK survey engaging with digital desires and demands of 13-17 year olds, a cohort who will soon become the next consumers of higher education services.  What previous research has shown is that your new customers expect a Digital Ready Experience – from the 1st contact to assess whether your institution is right for them, through to the 1st lecture, engaging and learning in new digitally enabled and inspired ways.  In this new digital world learning has never been easier, never more available, and in ways today for many, the potential for learning new skills or even gaining significant qualifications is free or freemium.  So, what will Logicalis research show about the changing behaviour and expectations of the Digital Generation of Things, and how can the CIO and their team be the digital transformation and digital experience innovation catalyst in their institution?  Join Chris Gabriel, Chief Digital Officer for Logicalis Europe, for the launch of our 2016 research findings to find out more.


PTS Consulting – (Exchange 4&5)
University of London’s Digital Transformation journey
Kuldip Sandhu, Head of Business Transformation and Change, PTS Consulting
“Achievable IT Transformation”: The University of London International Academy (UoLIA) is currently in the midst of a strategic initiative to transform its student experience and become a high performing digital institution.  In this session, which includes a foreword from Craig O’Callaghan, Deputy CEO of University of London International Academies, Kuldip will offer some guidance that will help your institution to overcome the practical challenges of Digital Transformation.  He will draw on our direct experience in working with the University of London, as well as our 30-year track record within higher education, to illustrate how the IT team can:

  • Achieve buy in and sponsorship from senior management and other stakeholders to undertake the transformation;
  • Establish how a changing customer experience impacts the inner workings of the IT function;
  • Architect a bimodal operating model and organisation structure;
  • Build a digital campus;
  • Effect sustainable change;
  • Measure, monitor and realise outcomes, benefits and value from the transformation.


VMware – (Charter Suite)
Protecting your university’s greatest assets against the threat of cybercrime
Paul McCreanney, HE Sales Manager and Andy Tait, VMWare and Arthur Clune, Assistant Director of Infrastructure, University of York
VMware have carried out significant research with higher education establishments to evaluate the level of protection UK Universities have placed on protecting our country’s intellectual property, research and other critical information. With the government continuing to place funding into science and industry, shouldn’t we – the UK - be focusing on protecting our IP as well as spending the time developing it? Due to recent events in the news and increased focus and funding by Government on cyber security, students are much more aware of the potential effects of Universities losing control of their digital assets.

During this session, we will discuss the research findings and how it is possible to solve the paradox of an intrinsically open environment while ensuring that only the right people can access the right workloads whilst protecting the integrity of the student, academics, staff, Intellectual Capital or indeed the reputation of the institution itself.  The University of York will be joining VMware on stage for a Q&A session to discuss their management of cyber security, network agility and how they have taken specific measures and actions to prevent such a threat.

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