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Speaker abstracts

Dan Derricott
Students as producers of IT departments 
With the student engagement agenda set to continue its meteoric rise in HE, providers would be unwise to ignore the role of students in enhancing their learning experience.  IT departments are fundamental in developing that experience so must also adapt to this new world of partnership and co-production. This talk explores how. 

Bob Rabone and Chris sexton
A CFO and an IT Director in conversation
Bob Rabone, Chief Financial Officer and Chris Sexton, Director of Corporate Information and Computing Services at the University of Sheffield ask each other a series of questions about what their respective needs are. What do the professional Services need from an IT department, and vice versa, and what ultimately should they expect to get.

Gareth Cahill
Is your IT Service professional enough to meet the needs of your business and your students?
As the Chartered Institute for IT, BCS seek to ensure that organisations are equipped to increase the capability of their IT teams and execute strategies that unlock new sources of value. BCS can:
  • Provide a consistent language and methodology for skills and capabilities
  • Encourage individuals to have greater control of their professional development
  • Enable smarter resourcing and recruitment decisions

Albert Ellis
Transforming leasership of your IT service – from IT Director to CIO 
What does it take to become a truly transformational leader in technology?  Using Harvey Nash’s experience of recruiting hundreds of CIOs and CTOs across the digital world, as well as an exclusive preview of Harvey Nash’s CIO 2013 survey (due for publishing May 2013), Albert highlights how the new normal is demanding a new type of leader in higher education IT, and what skills are required to succeed.

Tony Kelly
Birmingham design of innovative learning spaces
The University of Birmingham started to change the way it looked at and invested in its learning spaces approximately 10 years ago.  The JISC Funded Study into the impact of Technology on Physical Learning Space in the post 16 sector undertaken by a team at Birmingham was the catalyst for change.  This presentation looks at how the principles of learning space design has influenced developments at Birmingham

Mark Howell
Mobile learning in the classroom: students' expectations of wireless as a utility in tertiary education, how to improve the user experience
With the rise in fees at universities, understanding and managing the ever more demanding expectations of new fee paying students can assist in planning for the future.  The latest school graduates are going to be the first who have experienced one to one mobile computing and tablet based teaching techniques.  Students now expect to be able to what they want, where they want, on whatever device they want.  Are you ready?

David Cotterill
Idea Street – creating a culture of innovation
Hear how the Department of Work and Pensions achieved higher levels of staff engagement, changed behaviours and stimulated innovation:

  • A case study on the Idea Street : how it saved £20M by harnessing social collaboration.
  • Lessons learned from trying to game enterprise culture: the good and the bad.

Mike Braken
Digital by default. Transformation of public sector services of UK Government. 

Adrian Woolard
What should HE be looking out for as technology professionals?
Our Research & Development division is a world class engineering team that pioneers new broadcast and digital technology, for the benefit of audiences and the wider industry.  For example:

  • The BBC Philharmonic Maestro project explored new ways to immerse the audience into a piece of content.  Using spatial audio technology, it allowed children to control the tempo and dynamic of the famous orchestra using nothing but their hands, just like a conductor.
  • R&D also explores how companion experiences can make great TV even better. Using technology developed by BBC R&D we recently launched a play-along app for the Antiques Roadshow, allowing audiences to guess the value of items and find out more about them online.

Connected Studio

An initiative that runs across all of the BBC’s 10 online products.  It brings the creative and digital communities together to develop new products and features for BBC Online.It’s open to absolutely everybody, so if you think you’ve got an idea to improve BBC Online, these are the people you should to talk to.

Mark Ormrod
You can't spell disability without ABILITY
The presentation is in essence my life story so far.......  It starts with a brief bit of background of why I joined the Royal Marines, how I left to become a bodyguard, rejoined the Marines to go to Afghanistan and then became the UK's first triple amputee from the conflict.  It then talks about the day I was injured and details my rehabilitation process and bring you right up to modern day.

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