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University showcase abstracts

UCISA-Eduserv Award for Excellence 2012 winner (Hall 4A)
Microsoft Office 365 − shaken and stirred
Mauli Arora and Suraj Uturaju, University of West London
UWL set out to harness the power of Microsoft's free, cloud based, Office365 to transform the student experience through a new student portal, offering a personalised, interactive, social learning environment.  We'll show you how we outsourced the development to deliver this in just five weeks.
[PDF] presentation

UCISA SDG Best Practice Award 2012 (Hall 4B)
Invest and Aspire to achieve − Talent Management at the University of Nottingham
Sharon Caine University of Nottingham
Talent Management is the process of retaining and developing talented staff. Information Services at the University of Nottingham recognised the importance of  Talent Management as a strategic priority, and through its targeted Talent Management Programmes, has helped a new generation of IS staff further develop their breadth of knowledge, networking abilities and personal effectiveness.
[PDF] presentation

UCISA2012 poster winner (Hall 13)
Why user experience matters – the Sussex perspective
Carol Shergold, University of Sussex
At the University of Sussex, improving users’ experiences of our online learning system has been a priority over the last few years. This talk will showcase some of the ways we have enhanced the user experience of our online learning system (based on Moodle) and present some  approaches to usability that are relevant to a wide range of university systems.

Working as a CIO in a private not for profit University (Hall 14)
Jim Nottingham, Regent’s College London
This University showcase informs UCISA members what it’s like to work as a CIO at a private not for profit university. The session will cover how the university operates, being a CIO in a private university and the differences between a private university and a public university. 
[PDF] presentation

Amber Miro Memorial Award for Innovative Use of Technology winner (Hall 3)
Engage: social media Michaelmas
Stuart Lee, University of Oxford
Running over Michaelmas Term 2012 (October – December), the Engage programme offered a full term of events to explore different social media tools and strategies for use in an academic setting. The approach was two-fold with both offline and online pathways that learners could follow or dip into to suit their own needs.
[PDF] presentation

The YHMAN Cloud (Hall 14)
Rhys Davies and  Ed Carter, YHMAN
YHMAN is driven by higher education needs to reduce costs whilst improving efficiency and quality.  Our shared service Community Cloud provides support for IT/IS enterprise and research applications with secure data storage − combining sector skills to do more for less and better.

Liverpool University Management Information System (LUMIS) (Hall 4A)
Sam Denniss and Anita Wright, University of Liverpool
Liverpool University Management Information System (LUMIS) was a JISC sponsored Business Intelligence transformation project which deployed data warehouse and dashboard tools.  However, its primary focus was on organisational cultural change and the creation of a professional service Management Information Competency Centre.
[PDF] presentation

eSubmisson –  is it technology or cultural change management? (Hall 4B)
Simon Birkett, University of Derby         
The University of Derby embarked on a strategic implementation of e-Submission, marking and feedback in 2011. Phase One involved all level four modules, Phase Two (September 2012) levels five, six and seven. Simon Birkett who led the project shares the Derby methodologies discussing cultural and technical change, resistance to technology implementation and winning hearts and minds.
[PDF] presentation

Being creative (Hall 13)
Chris Sexton and Chris Clow, University of Sheffield
Creating media in education no longer applies to just the Arts and Humanities. New students are brought up in a world of media and many students arrive at university with experience of creating, producing and communicating using many different types of media.  Academics are also recognising the power of using media as a way to present student work. At the University of Sheffield we provide a range of creative media production and editing facilities for students available 24/7. We will present our story of how we have achieved this, the lessons learned, our success stories and our plans for the future.

Lancaster University student portal and VLE (Hall 3)
Andrew Meikle, Lancaster University  
In October 2012, Lancaster University revealed its new portal and VLE; the project took almost two years, but ended up transforming student and staff attitudes to the VLE.  This talk centres on the development of the project and the design of the resulting portal.
[PDF] presentation

Zero client: a hero client? (Hall 14)
Adrian Young, University of York
The presentation will explain how the University of York are utilising a small Linux client to re-provision under powered PCs to run a Windows 7 VDI, thus extending their lifespan. This has also been utilised in delivering e-assessments, where we can quickly transform our classrooms into a fully locked down desktop and back again.
[PDF] presentation


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