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Poster session

The posters will be displayed in the Exhibiton Hall Lobby. 

There will be the opportunity to speak to the presenters during the poster session on Wednesday evening from 1730.

Academic Programme Management System
Allister Homes, Senior Systems Architect, University of Lincoln
The Academic Programme Management System (APMS) project implemented a computerised system to manage academic programme (curriculum) information.  APMS is the definitive source of programme information and is used to propose, approve, validate, modify and delete programmes and modules.  It also produces diploma supplements with detailed programme outcome information. 
Cloud Desktop – Transforming the University of Lincoln Windows Desktop
Ian Marshall, University of Lincoln

The University of Lincoln has implemented a solution based on Remote Desktop Services which delivers a fast, flexible virtual desktop to its user community. This “internal cloud” service is an enabler for location independent working, space and energy saving thin client devices, and the concept of bring your own computer.
Introducing an outcome driven project environment at Surrey University
Gill Harding-Payne, University of Surrey
Successful delivery of the IT project portfolio required our project organisation to grow and to address frustrations with the delivery methodology.  Clarification of processes, roles and responsibilities was much needed.  Working with Best outcome, Surrey University has achieved this by introducing an Outcome-driven approach and toolset, improving the consistency, visibility and manageability of our portfolio.
Lancaster University Student Portal and VLE
Andrew Meikle, Lancaster University 

In October 2012, Lancaster Univrsity revealed its new portal and VLE; the project took almost two years, but ended up transforming student and staff attitudes to the VLE. 
Our journey to better management information, where we are now, where we are going, how we will sustain the improvements
Sam Denniss, University of Liverpool
Virtualised application delivery to the Windows desktop
Phil Vacher and James Pickett, University of Surrey

A collaborative project across central and faculty IT departments to replace disparate Windows software deployment platforms with a single campus-wide application virtualisation solution. The implementation of Application Jukebox resulted in a better desktop experience, fully controllable software lifecycle and a self-service portal with the application library available to users on-demand.
Why User Experience Matters – The Sussex Perspective
Carol Shergold, University of Sussex

At the University of Sussex, improving users’ experiences of our online learning system has been a priority over the last few years.
UCISA Networking Group
Matt Cook, Loughborough Univesity
The UCISA Networking group is working with members to directly support the issues that matter. From hosting two very well attended seminars over the last 12 months, with an event on BYOD coming soon; find out what the group has been doing over the last year.

UCISA Support Services Group
James Woodward, Manchester Metropolitan University
The UCISA Service Support group brings together those with an interest in supporting, advising and communicating technologies in HE.  Investigating opportunities in social media as well as a strong emphasis on service management the group seeks to facilitate and develop conference, webinars, workshops as well as a rich online resources for members of the community to use. This poster aims to describe how it will achieve these aims and give an overview of group activities.

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