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Annual Conference Organising Group (ACOG)

The Annual Conference Organising Group takes care of arrangements for UCISA's yearly management conference.

The members are:
Heidi Fraser-Krauss ACOG Chair Heidi Fraser-Krauss
Director of IT Services
University of York


Jason Bain
Assistant Director Infrastructure and Architecture
Newcastle University

Sue Fells

Sue Fells
Business and Operations Manager
Paul Harness   Paul Harness
Director of Information Systems Services
Lancaster University
Gareth Gareth McAleese
Head of Corporate Applications
University of Ulster
richard   Richard Murphy
Director, IT Services
University of Essex
Amanda Niblett Amanda Niblett
Associate Director Service Delivery
IT Services
University of East London
kath Winter   Kath Winter
Assistant Director, Business Services
Corporate Information and Computing Services
University of Sheffield
James Woodward
Client Services Manager
Manchester Metropolitan University

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Group: Annual Conference Organising Group (ACOG)

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